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    What advantages/disadvantages is there to being Scorpio Rising/Scorpio Sun (Gemini Moon, Venus in Scorpio) ??

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    I hope this helps?

    Scorpio Scorpio Scorpio
    What advantages/disadvantages is there to being Scorpio Rising/Scorpio Sun (Gemini Moon, Venus in Scorpio) ??

    I don’t see any ‘disadvantages’ to you being who you are! :look: There could be some challenges if you will. Having Scorpio sun and in your rising sign basically indicates that you have doubled the power of your Scorpio Sun sign. So, if you were to having another astrological sign in your rising sign you would have to blend both of those astrological characteristics. So, instead of you using another astrological sign as your mask (rising sign) YOU ARE A SCORPIO! There is no ‘hiding’ what people see, is what they get! You can take both the positive and challenging characteristics of Scorpio and just intensify them in order to gain an understanding of your strengths and challenges.

    Now having your moon in Gemini is interesting because Scorpio is deeply psychic, sensitive and brooding, silent, not very verbally communicative. Scorpio is a power sign and is ruled by the plant Pluto. Pluto governs simply those things in our lives that require death and rebirth either literal or spiritual. It is chaotic in it’s lessons and can be very powerful when feeling its influence. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and is all about communication of all kinds. Where Scorpio as mentioned above does not easily give of communication, it’s more feeling, Gemini loves to talk and is open, up front, and loves to have fun. While, Scorpio is intense, brooding, sexual and serious most of the time. Your emotions, either the way you give them or receive and process them are very mental. Your moon sign deals with EMOTIONS among other things and Gemini is not emotional. You might have some challenges in being able to communicate them, (your emotions) So ,having a double whammy of Scorpio may cause some conflict here in the way, when and under what circumstances you do it!

    I would have to see your chart to be able to determine where you are more likely going to speak your mind in the most comfortable fashion.

    Now lastly, having Venus in Scorpio means that you are very sexual possibly with friends and in the areas of romantic interests. You just blend your sun and rising sign and in this area can be extremely controlling, you can exert power, be highly sexual and manipulative. You may be extremely possessive in friendships or romantic liaisons and extremely jealous!! Watch out!!
    Again I would have to look at your chart to see if there are any other factors that might cool this off a bit.

    Does this make sense? I hope it does.

    Peace, love and light
    Lady Bastet