Black Poetry : Scorpio & Pisces

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    Winters weathered behind me, I bask brazen on your shores stark in my own sunshine
    I push you to your knees and claim you as mine

    With eyes deep and piercing as a dagger you gaze up at me
    Your thighs open, your eyes with tears they plea

    Your voice softly sweetly screwing into my mind "I belong to you"
    Soul mate, a desire pure and true

    What heaven wrought in us we have perfected in painful bliss
    Burning with wanton desire, our lips touch, a passionate kiss

    Turning to hell fire enraged, my hands on your throat engaged in consuming your love enslaved
    Loves fire, burning, wicked and depraved

    Gently biting your lip with kisses to tongue at your tears as I tighten my grip
    Bending you over, caressing your *** as I raise my whip

    The heat of seven suns sent through your soul with the quick snap of my wrist
    I relish your tears as you squirm and you twist

    Thrashing enraptured at each lashing, you beg bleeding for my love all the more
    My love and dominance rocking you to your core

    Pulling your head back with fist twined hair I whisper "Baby cum for me"
    My dick in your mouth, your mind in space, our bodies release, setting us free

    Two stars merging to be one, I slide deeper down your gravity well, you swallow me whole
    My eyes roll back as you suck and lick my pole

    Drawing my mind through your spit slick slurps divined to drain me dry til my knees tremble weak
    Moaning, my body in ecstasy, my orgasm peaks

    Erections throbbing in waves of erupting aggressions leave me love drunk and high
    Exhausted and spent, you curl up against me, fall asleep with a content sigh

    Weary and worn, I wrap you warm to my chest keeping you where you belong
    Wrapped in my arms so tight and strong

    And even in drifting slumber you dream, you'll know I'm always here
    Know my heart, know I'm sincere

    So our everywheres and forevers bound to here and now and never nothing not true
    And our forever and everywheres are never out of view