Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Scientist finally invent "Hair Straightening Pill" that allows black people to grow straight hair!


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Feb 9, 2001
Here I go again . . . ECONOMICS!!

Koreans would lobby big time that such a pill never be manufactured and made available to Black women UNLESS they owned the patent to it and the sole right to sell it for at least 5-10yrs without competition.

"The Black hair care market is at least an $684 million industry. Hardly any of that cash makes it back to the Black community. A walk into your local beauty supply store will typically reveal a slew of brands that are Korean-owned. Korean business owners dominate supply and distribution of weaves, wigs and extensions. Aaron Ranen’s 2006 Black Hair documentary estimates that Koreans own close to 60% of the Black hair care industry market share.

Black women need to take their hair and hair care back. The Black hair care landscape has changed significantly since 2006, with the emergence of the “natural hair movement” (which has contributed to a 26% decline in relaxer sales). Black women choosing to rock their hair unprocessed has birthed an entirely new industry. And while there are Black owned (and formerly Black owned) companies that have grown of this movement, there are also large numbers of mainstream corporations also catering to Black women and their natural hair.

This tells me that we can completely change the focus of major hair companies and where they’re putting their money (many of them would have never invested in products for natural hair unless we made them do so), but we can’t financially benefit from this “trend” we’ve created.

What if Black women just up and decided next year that we all want our creamy crack back? What would happen then? These companies would keep it moving from the natural hair product lines they’ve been “dedicated” to, and start producing more creamy crack. We have the power, for real. We’re not just talking about new products that our strands have inspired creation for, but also new jobs, machines, technologies and infrastructures. These major hair companies have had to switch gears entirely to accommodate what we think is cool. But still, there’s no sign that our influence status in the hair game is actually helping us."

If we purchase from Black-owned companies, as demand goes up, prices go down and those Black businesses would be able to compete with major mainstream corporations.

Don't take the pill, my people. It's another time bomb that will do nothing but destroy you. Wigs, weaves are "protective" hairstyles? Don't be fooled. Do what you already know how to do to keep your natural hair clean and healthy. We were made different for a reason, which is unique to our beauty.

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Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
WOW!!!!!. The military's on the case. Let's analyze this.

1 White male 5 star General
1 Black male 5 star General
2 White male 4 star Generals
2 Black male 4 star Generals
4 White male 3 star Generals
4 Black male 3 star Genarals
8 White male 2 star Genarals
8 Black male 2 star Generals
16 White male Generals
16 Black male Generals
32 White male Colonels
32 Black male Colonels
64 White male Majors
64 Black male Majors
128 White male Captains
128 Black male Captains
256 White male Lieutenants
256 Black male Lieutenants
512 White male Sergeants
512 Black male Sergeants
1,024 White male PFC's
1,024 Black male PFC's
2,048 White male civilian support staff employees
2,048 Black male civilian support staff employees
=8,184 X 2+females=16,368 combined sex and race Pentagon personnel assigned to the Special Top Secret Classified Eyes Only Black Female Hair Appropriations Research "Project Hair Hat".
Cost analysis before the usual cost overruns and kickbacks to Johnson Hair products and North Korean hair and weave shops in DC: $7,000,000,000,000.37

Expected date of release of study: Fiscal year 2020

Expected date of JCS signing off on recommendation to implement rule: Fiscal year 2024

Expected date of POTUS approving bill to be forwarded to The House for vote: Fiscal year 2035

Expected date of first approved product to be reviewed by the FDA: Fiscal year 2076

Expected date of first sale of product: 3000

Cost of product known as new "strait locks": 1.5 Billion Bitcoins

The wheels of progress grind slowly when the pentagon has a hand in it. Time to break out that ironing comb.

It ended well ...

"Members of the CBC appreciate Secretary Hagel for his prompt response to our letter and for seriously considering our concerns," chairwoman Rep. Chair Marcia Fudge, an Ohio Democrat, said in a written statement. "The secretary's response affirms his commitment to ensuring all individuals are welcomed and can continue to be proud of serving within our armed forces."





Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
Even the female military members in combat can wear their hair anyway they desire. I guess the Pentagon has some type of image to protect. Probably to overshadow the double standard bathroom travesty.

Are you sure about that? (Females in combat can wear their hair anyway they desire?)

I don't think so ...

In the U.S. military, are female combat soldiers required to get buzz cuts?

... For the Army, some of the key points on allowed hairstyles are listed below:

Female soldiers will ensure their hair is neatly groomed, that the length and bulk of the hair are not excessive, and that the hair does not present a ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance; likewise, trendy styles that result in shaved portions of the scalp (other than the neckline) or designs cut into the hair are prohibited.

Females will ensure that hairstyles do not interfere with proper wear of military headgear, protective masks, or equipment at any time; when headgear is worn, the hair will not extend below the bottom edge of the front of the headgear or below the bottom edge of the collar.


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