Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Scientist finally invent "Hair Straightening Pill" that allows black people to grow straight hair!


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Apr 7, 2013
Man idk sista, I live in the south and work in the finance field. It's still majority filled with old white guys.
But thanks your the first to say that you haven't had any problems.

Perhaps because you and the people you know are subjected to such self-denying racism DO live in the South where dyed in the wool racists love to see, even insist that black people ape them, "validate" them by looking as much like them as possible... that YOU have the problem of being forced to look like someone you're not to keep a paycheck. That you're in the Finance field doubles the redneck "conservativeness" of your co-workers (people who choose Finance as a career aren't noted for "sociableness" and certainly not liberal thinking

My condolences. :angel1:


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Jan 20, 2015
Eh, I have long straight hair that I'm tired of. Like very tired of. I don't want to cut my hair tho because it is long.
I want dreads but I work in the corporate world. I get so much favor for the whites for having long, straight hair. I'm afraid to get dreads because of what it might do to my future career. :(

I have locs, not dreads. There's nothing dreadful about them.
I worked in finance when I started to loc.
If your performance is good and you have the confidence, you can wear any hair style you want. Confidence rules.
I get so much favor for things other than my hair style.
Favor for being a good, kind, woman that can be depended on to do the right thing.
The favor you receive could be because you are good at your job, and have absolutely nothing to do with your long, straight hair.
Loced hair can be styled for the professional. Check out some of the styles you can find online. Locs have come a long way.
Do what you want with your hair. We can't continue to allow ourselves to believe our jobs dictate our hairstyle.
How do you know the favor you receive is due to your long, straight hair?
It really could be because you are good at your job.

Love, peace, and hair grease


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Jan 20, 2015

but if they did, you know there would be lines wrapped 2 times around Walgreens to get it! They could charge $1000 a dose!

We wouldn't take a PILL for straight hair as long as weave is available. What's in this pill. What are the side affects, will hair grow on the face and rest of the body.
I disagree, their will not be a line around Walgreens. Who buys hair products at Walgreens. No Black women I know.
You don't know anything about Black women. Sike!

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