Black Spirituality Religion : Science and Science?

Building Blocks

This is what I see.

In looking at the original, which is the Ogdoad that is supported by the Dogon Song.

What if the Ogdoad is actually a representation of the building blocks of the physical world?

The similarity is interesting.

The Up Quark (u)
The Down Quark (d)
The Strange Quark (s)
The Charm Quark (c)

Each Quark has it antiQuark, which gives us 8.


Each deity having it’s anti or opposite deity, which gives us 8.

We are discovering more and more that the Dogon Song is more scientific then it is ideological but the only way to allow for all tribes to understand the science was to give the particles characteristics and a story.

The Dogon Song is the Origin of most ideologies in the earth mainly that of Kemet.

Is it possible that African Traditional Ideology is actually African science and was dumbed-down so as to be understood by most tribes?

Peace and Power in Reading.


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