Black People : School to Perform Play NAACP Had Opposed

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    School to Perform Play NAACP Had Opposed
    CINCINNATI - A high school that canceled an upcoming stage performance of an Agatha Christie play over complaints that the work's original title is racially offensive has decided the show will go on, with some changes.

    The play will be performed next month with additional materials, conversations and other activities to honor diversity, said Superintendent Mike Taylor of the Lakota Public Schools District in suburban Cincinnati.

    "I believe the best way forward is to allow the performance of the play to occur while using it as a learning vehicle," Taylor said Thursday.
    The play, originally titled "Ten Little *******" and billed at the school as "Ten Little Indians," will now be performed as "And Then There Were None" -- the officially licensed name of the play.

    Play adaptations of the 1939 novel have been produced in the United States and elsewhere as "Ten Little Indians" and "And Then There Were None."

    In the play, strangers are trapped on an island with a murderer who kills them one by one. The characters in the mystery are killed by methods resembling those in a nursery rhyme that has appeared at times under both the "Indians" title and the title containing the slur.

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