Black People : School celebrate Black History Month with fried chicken, cornbread & watermelon lunch

First you must know about Concord California. The residents there are highly discriminatory and very racist. LAFAYETTE, Calif and CONCORD CA are 9.7 miles from each other. These racist cant help themselves. It is impossible to get a job there if your Black and I avoid the area as much as possible.

exactly... context is still everything. I lived in Concord... and had more than a couple of incidents out there.. most people were just regular people.. but there is racist element out there that those regular people accept and tolerate.. Lafayette is well-to-do.. but Concord is just a step above Stockton.

sidebar.. .

.. down off E14th street in Oakland.. there is a side street that runs parallel named, Holly.. and Holly is almost exclusively dope traffic... Well.. some years ago, the cops setup a sting.. and replaced all the d-boys with undercover cops for an entire weekend.. all in all.. they towed something like 60 cars.. and something like 75% of them were from Concord.. and the rest from San Francisco..
Truly, why does it matter to you? You on a mission to change my mind on what I should care about regarding the thoughts of caucasians?

It matters to me because as an Elder, I have the responsibility of raising your level of consciousness above worrying about what white folks think, and do. That hasn't gotten us very far! :( And I am very serious about that responsibility! :) You can either accept or reject the idea, but you can never claim that an Elder did not tell you!!! ;)
Aside from the "Cornbread"... aren't these foods commonly served in schools?

But when the Christian school announced a lunch of fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon, students and parents were outraged and offended.

First of all... what kind of lunch meal is this as it seems incomplete, and was that all that was on the menu?

"Several students told NBC Bay Area that Libby talked to members of the Black Student Union on campus, and the students suggested that the watermelon be taken off the menu."

Really? Take the healthiest item off the menu was the response?

Racism is not as bad as it was now, but our response and reaction to it is creating more confused people.

Check the response checklist to the supposed "racism"

1. Chicken-YES
2. Cornbread-YES

3. Watermelon-NO

(Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.), family Cucurbitaceae) is a vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originally from southern Africa.)

Watermelon is an African crop, not only that it was known to have enzymes that made people strong and healthy, especially men.

Probably this seemingly "mostly Caucasian" private school is more the problem than the menu that was "announced".

Now if they were to have said "Chitterlings", that would have been more offensive as that was a "slave based" food served as "scraps" or discarded waste.

But I suppose our "African" connection is something that nobody else should consider, even those that would frown on the idea that there is a reason to certain "stereotypes", yet there are those that do not care to re-search them to find the roots of them.

The Term or Title of N-G-R is another of similar affect.


Much to do about nothing! ;)


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