Black People : School celebrate Black History Month with fried chicken, cornbread & watermelon lunch

The only thing that makes it controversial is involving the watermelons.

There is actually zero tie between watermelons and black history.

There have actually been studies showing that black ppl throughout history consumed watermelon at even lower proportions than the general public. Black people are ONLY associated with watermelons b/c early art&theatre portrayed blacks as being simple minded individuals who were simply content by receiving a watermelon and given a rest from hard labor.

On the other hand: I think the cornbread and chicken are totally fine since they actually represent part of the "soul food" cuisine of African Americans.

lol, I haven't read the comments on these articles yet but I can GUARANTEE that they will just paint blacks as oversensitive cry-babies always crying racism even when they had nothing to do with this situation. Whatever..
This "institution" had the power and forethought to execute the action. Any dialogue after the fact is 20/20 hindsight. It's done.

IMHO>>>>Black History can't be jam packed in one short month. It's contents are "still" yet to unfold for the masses. I prefer 24/7 -365 days a year (eg. 364 if it's a leap year) in order to bring to light our successes as well as our failures.
First you must know about Concord California. The residents there are highly discriminatory and very racist. LAFAYETTE, Calif and CONCORD CA are 9.7 miles from each other. These racist cant help themselves. It is impossible to get a job there if your Black and I avoid the area as much as possible.

Racial Friction in Concord : Lynching or Suicide? A City Is Gripped by Tension
February 11, 1986|MARK A. STEIN | Times Staff Writer

CONCORD, Calif. — High-rise office towers sprout like asparagus shoots near the Bay Area Rapid Transit depot here, symbols of the transformation of this sleepy working-class San Francisco suburb into a paragon of the post-industrial city.
But that shining reputation has lately been tarnished by allegations of racial disharmony, knifings and murder--a brutal if familiar byproduct, some people here say, of the very urbanization that is putting Concord back on its feet.

The most grisly event occurred last Nov. 2, in a vacant lot near one of the new office towers adjoining the BART station. On that mud-caked piece of land, an off-duty security guard found the body of a young black man hanging from the branch of an old fig tree.
Police ruled the man's death a suicide. But local black leaders and some white residents are convinced that 23-year-old Timothy Charles Lee was lynched--perhaps by a splinter of the Ku Klux Klan.
Black's Body Found Hanging From Tree--Second in 7 Months
June 24, 1986|Associated Press

LAFAYETTE, Calif. — The body of a black woman was found this morning hanging from a tree near a bank parking lot about 10 miles from where the body of a black man was found hanging last November.
Contra Costa County sheriff's Sgt. Jeff Wells said trash collectors near Lloyd's Bank of California parking lot found the woman's body at about 7:30 a.m.
He said there was no indication of whether the woman took her own life or was murdered.
"The only thing we know, at this point, is that a black female was found hanging from a tree by some garbage men this morning while they were doing their rounds. At this time, we are conducting an investigation," Wells said.
The hanging was similar to the Nov. 2, 1985, death of Timothy Lee of Berkeley, who was found hanging at the Concord BART station in a controversial case ruled a suicide by police.

Lee's hanging enraged civil rights activists in the east San Francisco Bay Area. Members of Lee's family and the NAACP challenged the police conclusion and conducted a separate investigation.
They noted there had been a racial attack on two black men by men wearing white robes a few hours before Lee died and just a few miles away. The men involved in that apparently unrelated incident were arrested and convicted.


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