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    Million Dollar Scholarship Fund Established To Encourage Minority Students To Pursue Careers In Teaching Math and Science

    Washington, DC ( - The Siemens Teacher Scholarships, a collaboration between the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the Siemens Foundation, aimed at encouraging minority students to pursue teaching careers in math and science, was officially announced today at the Department of Education.

    "We all know that good schools are impossible without good teachers," said Wilbert Bryant, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education Programs, Department of Education. "The Siemens Foundation scholarship money will help increase the number of teachers going into America's classrooms. The collaboration of the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and the United Negro College Fund will assist 85 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in their efforts to encourage minority students in pursuing a career in science and mathematics."

    The New Jersey-based Siemens Foundation will provide $1 million in scholarships over the next five years for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to pursue careers in teaching math, science and technology. Two organizations that are active in promoting post-secondary education for minority students the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and the UNCF will administer the funds. Each organization will receive $500,000 to be awarded to students accepted to any one of the nations 85 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that are members of the two organizations.

    This program marks the first time the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund and the UNCF will collaborate in an effort to target both private and public colleges. The Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund has 47 member public HBCUs; the UNCF provides operational support to the 38 private institutions. The two organizations will select scholarship recipients each year. The Siemens Foundation will fund the scholarships as part of its mission to support and enhance math and science education in America's high schools.

    "If American technology companies are to continue creating cutting edge innovations and high paying jobs, we need to be sure that all American high school students develop the necessary math and science skills they will require to take advantage of these opportunities," said Thomas N. McCausland, Chairman of the Board, Siemens Foundation. "It is therefore imperative that we provide the necessary resources to broaden the pool of qualified math and science teachers, especially in communities that have been traditionally under-represented in the fields of science and technology. This is a partnership between three institutions who are committed to improving the quality of science and math education in our nations schools."

    "Siemens grant is critically important because it can help to address one of the most pressing needs facing our nations children and that is the need for more teachers in math, science and engineering," said Dwayne Ashley, CEO and President, Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund. All students deserve a sound, quality education that will set them on the road to economic prosperity. This makes this grant unique for two reasons: There is a need for more qualified minority math and science teachers, and HBCUs have long been the training ground for new leaders in education as well as mathematicians, scientists and engineers.

    "The growing shortage of qualified math and science teachers in this country will impact Americas economy for years to come if it is not addressed," said Dr. Michael Lomax, UNCF's President and CEO. "The Siemens Teacher Scholarships will allow more minority students to pursue careers in math and science, which will ultimately increase the nations success in producing more qualified math and science teachers. Overall, support from organizations like the Siemens Foundation has helped UNCF support more minorities in higher education and we are excited to be a part of this scholarship program."

    Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
    Jennifer Jiles
    770-840-6339 or 404-915-4283
    [email protected]

    Siemens Foundation
    Marie Gentile
    732-603-5886 or 917-679-6299
    [email protected]

    United Negro College Fund
    Ayanna Canty
    [email protected]

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    This is some very valueable information that I hope everyone will utilize to their advantage. Thanks for sharing.
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