Black Poetry : scholar //In thinking, wow have to snap this dream now I'm on the rap scene SO BOO we at DAIRY QUEEN


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May 11, 2006
boarded a train as sense supported my brain escorted a dame didn't know her name blew my girl a kiss why is the world like this? She waved back that was a brave act on her behalf, couldn't go free had to show ID I thought you recognize me, this threw me train make a bold sound saw a hole in the ground dug by a shovel, also a hole in the elbow of my sweater ate jello listen to the weather twisting clever verse missing endeavors are worse and forever thirst for a party have to rehearse with somebody end up eating to a dumb Hardee now this BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH learning and chilling but society is a burning building I ran in with brave quotes to save folks look I come into the store with menu galore end up buying coffee trying softly to sip a cup and rip up paper while sniffing the brewing vapor, see a girl I wanna share a romance would you care to dance you been around town skin so renown and brown you flirt tonight and your mini-skirt right we can date on the spot you very hot

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What ever you've done, you can no longer post to the kitchen table
It's been a good while, but this place has always been home. Thankful to be here.
Hi! I'm not as active on this account as I want to be. For one I tend to forget that this site exists until I check my email. Two, I'm currently in the process of building up a fine art site for Oklahoma black and native historical references. The references correlate with another site that will be a storytelling site that has not yet been produced.
Happy to be back and gaining more knowledge!
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Welcome Home Beloved! :wave: :love: