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    Below is a list of Scholar Audios that I have on my site at for the growth and development
    of the African Mind. In posting these audios I have had to deeply think about and consider the need of our people and our children knowing that we have Researchers and Scholars and Doctors and Archaeologist and Scientist and Linguist and Health Practitioners and Experts in every field that has to do with our existence that we need to know about and hear from.

    Yes, we are dying, those of us who insist that the white way is the right way...but we are also being REBORN, RE-EDUCATED, RE-INSPIRED, RE-MOTIVATED, RE-STRUCTURED AND RE-EMPOWERED!!! In as much as many may have their own agenda there is actually only one that matters...and that is the RECLAMATION AND RETURN TO WHO WE ARE AS A PEOPLE. Anything less than that is simply anything less than that!!

    1. Dr. Adelaide Sanford: The State of Black Education

    2. Dr. Charles Finch: The Dogon and The Pale Fox

    3. Dr. Phil Valentine: The Reign of Ignorance

    4. Dr. Khalid Monsour: The Lost Books of Africa

    5. Dr. Malachi Andrews: Food, Energy and Sexuality

    6. Bobby Hemmit: Apocalyptic Culture

    7. Anthony Browder: Myths and Religion

    8: John G. Jackson: Christianity Before Christ

    9. Dr. Joy Leary: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

    10. Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan: African Origin of Bible Personalities

    11. Dr. Amos Wilson: The Role Of The African Male Under Racism

    12. Dr. Mona Harrison: Drinking Water?

    13. Marcus Garvey Speaks

    14. Malcolm X: Message To The Grassroots

    15. Dr. Adelaide Sanford: To be African In The World Today

    16: Dr. Naim akbar: The Resurgence of African Consciousness

    17. Dr. Patricia Newton: An African Holocaust

    18: Prof. Tony Martin: The Jewish Involvement in The African Slave Trade

    19. Bobby E. Wright: The Psychopathic Racial Personality

    20. Dr. Jacob Carruthers: The Historical Intentions of The Educational System

    21. Dr. Wade Nobles: The Reunification of African Peoples

    22. Income Taxes Are Illegal

    23. VIDEO: MARCUS GARVEY: Look For Me In The Whirlwind (double click the video once it starts and it will expand to the full screen)