Black Poetry : scavanger hunt

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    awww ****!
    another hectic day
    got to go
    i grab my purse and shut da door
    fumble through da papers
    to find my "doe"
    but da world seems to be short of it
    just as much as my flow
    my fridge is empty
    wonder what i will "hunt"
    it is like a ****in' scavenger hunt this **** runt

    that i am in
    cause of da fowl ****
    goin' on within
    against the war
    raging inside of ery hungry americans
    front porch

    my day is full
    of hunting and finding
    lookin for employment
    but they always "aint hirin'"
    i mean **** what a ***** gotta do round here to eat

    get knocked up
    with one
    or even three ****in' babies

    i am out trying to do
    da best i can do
    but **** da army even
    saids "that" just wont do
    i work hard at anything i pursue
    but they cant seem to get pass da fact
    we are two different "hues"

    i mean what da **** went wrong
    i thought i did erything right
    by being on time
    and neva startin' fights
    within da company
    about some of they fowl ways
    but instead shut my mouth
    and went on bout my way

    but to see me down
    as they wear da crown
    is da victory for them
    but i still yet feel
    that i have left to be defeated
    cause i will not stop
    or cut out my stride
    cause i got bills to pay
    and **** food to buy

    i am a young black woman
    pursuing and education
    but how can i pay for it
    with no **** finances
    i mean i go on interviews maybe twice a week
    and well my roomate just got back
    from a two week break
    and goes out and get a job da very next day
    and i just could not get it
    did not know what was wrong
    and i told my peeps about it
    and asked for any suggestions
    and all they could say is yeah
    look at her

    now look at you

    ****! what a ****ed up vision