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    Notes from the Koran. From Abdullah Yusuf Ali p.216

    Usually secrecy is for evil ends, or from questionable motives, or because the person seeking secrecy is ashamed of himself and knows that if his acts or motives became known, he would make odious. Islam therefore disapproves of secrecy and loves and enjoins openness in all consultations and doings. But there are three things in which secrecy is permissible, and indeed laudable, provided the motive be purely unselfish, to earn the good pleasure of god,: (1) if you are doing a deed of charity or beneficence whether in giving material things or in helping in moral, intellectual, or spiritual matters; here publicity may not be agreeable to the recipient of your beneficence, and you have to think of his feelings; (2) where an unpleasant act of justice or correction has to be done; this should be done, but there is no virtue in publishing it abroad and causing humiliation to some parties or adding to their humiliation by publicity; (3) where there is delicate question of conciliating parties to a quarrel; they may be very touchy about publicity but quite amenable to the influence of a man acting in private”.

    The Second note on p.227 of the Koran:

    “ We can make a public scandal of evil in many ways. (1) it may be idle sensation mongering it often leads to more evil by imitation as where criminal deeds are glorified in a cinema, or talked about shamelessly in a novel or drama. Yusuf goes on to say malicious gossip hurts people’s feelings and cause harm to peoples reputation. These two notes would be excellent diplomacy advise for L. Farrakhan with rumors he has been with melba Moore and Lola Falana.

    I thought of three ladies who fit into the above rebuke:

    A. Kerry Washington in her TV series Scandal where she spread her legs spread eagle on Xmas eve and allows a needle/metal object up her vagina to kill her fetus. This is seriously twisted with abortion being the number 1 killer of black people second to street homicide of handguns. The Revolution is between a woman’s legs, don’t snuff it out.

    B. Erica Badu was recently interviewed for a documentary on the black power movement. I was shocked at this because this woman goes around pouring blood over her nude body like she is a vampire or zombie and runs down public streets naked.

    C. Gabrielle Union has complained that hackers broke into her cell phone releasing nude pictures of herself. The problem is, in order to attract viewers to her TV show Being Mary, a pun on her Catholic background, she gets naked in a bathtub with roses and performs sex in the nude in a shower bathroom. I saw no difference in her private picture and her public performances.