Black Poetry : Say What I Meant...

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    I just wanted to say I love you but it sounds so cliché
    Sounds like a phrase that’s miss used every day in every way
    So let me elaborate on what I meant to say
    Cause this feeling is more than the just words
    And all I have in my arsenal is adjectives, nouns and verbs
    But I wanted desperately to tell her what I really meant
    That is for her steel could be bent
    Bent to the point where the end was touch
    It’s just that simple cause you she could never ask for too much
    I’d rearrange the stars so that its spells out her name
    I lose myself hoping to be found and she comes to claim
    I’d walk a mile in her shoes if it means I can understand and feel her better
    I’d stop writing her poems and I’d write more love letters
    And notes that I can put one post it’s and post them to be seen
    Notes that I’m watering my grass just so that I can keep it green
    That if I could, I’d remove my broken heart from the cage that protects it
    Cause I know in your hands it’s a sure fit
    Just a smile from you says it’s okay whatever I’m going through
    And there’s absolutely nothing I wouldn't do
    See this feeling flows thought my veins disguised as blood the pumps blue
    And a heart that pumps just for you..
    And the affection is in the details
    Like the rose that grew from the cracks of concrete and still smells sweet
    Although the beauty lies in the face that’s it’s not supposed to be there
    I still busted through as if even it didn’t care
    And I want to kiss you like a traffic Jam, I want to move slow
    I want to stop and go
    At least I’m moving towards you
    That’s what I want to do
    And to feel this way, in no way makes me weak
    Scary part of it all is that I haven’t even reached my peak
    With this heartbeat and a smile I’ll never be short of something to give
    Without you in my life there is just no reason to live.