Black Short Stories : Say it aint pt4


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Apr 13, 2006
“I’m planning her wedding, and she’s sleeping with my man

Spreading out her stuff, I know she had this planned”

Mason grabs her saying, “you think she gave me this”

Then Serena says “how many girls, are you sleeping with?”

She push Mason away, “I’m ‘bout to lose my job”

And walks into the dinner, see’s an uninvited cop

Mean while Mason, calls Sam on his cell

And Sam says “I’m at an art show, call me at twelve”

“No this cant wait cause ***** you got me played

I just found out, I’m positive with aids”

A pause on the phone Sam says “how you figure this?”

“My wife tested my blood cause she’s pregnant with my kid”

Sam starts cursing, “Meet me at the club

Cuz I’m negative man, so I aint the one”

Serena walks back in, “who you talking to?”

“That’s Sam from work, he wants to help us through”

“Anyway Trina is nowhere in sight

N I’m about to go burn down her house”

Mason says ”Calm down, I doubt you have aids too

Cause we do it with a condom, just go inside the coop”

Serena says “Dumbass I have a baby, you think the condom worked

Is it you, the aids or the baby that makes me wanna hurl

And you know what Mason, just call your other hoes

cuz I’m thinking right now, Katrina’s not a boy”

Mason says” how you know Katina, planning her wedding too”

“No, she called my phone just now, asking ‘bout you”


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