Black Short Stories : Say it aint(pt 1)


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Apr 13, 2006
Mason left Sam’s, to go and get a bite
And while he was out, he bought something for his wife

So after buying a set, he met up with his girl
Lied about the diamond, and had to buy her pearls

After dropping her off, he went to rent a suit
Armani, High Class, he had women to seduce

Now after Serena his wife, and Katrina the girlfriend
Baby Mamma Leah dropped in and said, your turn with Ben

Now caught up in a problem, he called his baby Trina
Dropped off Ben, cause he had to do Serena

Serena had to leave, her friends wedding was in an hour
So Mason got undressed, and went to take a shower

Then Katrina dropped in, got play time in
And at the same time, Leah called like where the hell is Ben

So he left Katrina at Serena’s house
And went to do Trina, took Ben, then was out

Dropped Ben at Leah’s, then hurried to Serena
Got dressed in his suit, and got rid of Katrina

Like OJ in 95’, Mason rushed back to Leah
And fed lies, to unwine, saying he felt bad for how he treat her

Now with Sam Mason goes, man I had a day
If only all these girls knew, that I was really gay


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