Black Poetry : Say His Name, Say His Name, De' Black Tribe Of Jesus

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    Say His Name De' Black Tribe Of Jesus

    I, the Son of de' Almighty Allah, God; that sits before my father’s palace.
    Chains upon my feet, chains upon my hands,
    chains that sit upon my head, I have release the
    clad brace iron, those Satan children
    Set before me, I cry not for my self, I cry for those who
    Come in my face, for I am the spirit, I shall not die,
    I wait for those who come in the image, of a cloak
    to reveal who is the black man.

    Within the realms of a humble voice,
    The integrity of enforcement
    Shall lye within the power of wisdom,
    And the man of the humble
    Shall lead, a strong voice will touch
    The heart of the young,
    Who shall carry the torch of the future?
    And darkness shall revert to light.

    Say His Name The Black Tribe of De' Jesus

    The torch of brotherhood,
    Will be the future of great warriors…
    by the assassinations of those
    who stood up for righteousness that was carved with stone.
    There were seers before there were prophets.
    Man sits in fear of the words of God.
    Those hide behind the cloak; who stand upon the pull
    Pit of sermons, never understanding the words
    that were given by God.

    Say His Name De' Black Tribe Of Jesus

    Living in a towel, which is dictated by the earthly Gods.
    The legacy of the black man; Jesus the king and all
    those who followed in righteousness’ of his name.
    The battleground; of conformity; the treasons of the wicked
    Army, the blasphemy in the name of the heavenly father.
    The beast of angels who wear ; the muddy crown of the
    the devil that came in mask,
    the prophets who set upon my table, planning my death.
    The spirit that lies within me, shall not die, I shall
    find the truth faith of my brother.

    Who is Satan and his followers?
    For the love of my brothers,
    I hoped to see the beauty within me
    Transferred within my seed.

    I carried the cross, chains upon my hands,
    chains upon my feet.
    As blood that flowed from the caucus of my frame.
    Where are thou brother who confesses
    we are one? Where are thou sister, who I have given great tribes?
    Where is thou prophets who set before my death?
    Jealousy, and envy that set before me;
    For I am the son of the sons, for my pain only
    last for a moment of time, I the test of faith,
    Who is my black brother? who’s loyal to my cause?

    My hair white as wool, my feet black as a furnace.
    I the prophets of prophets, I the spoken words of my father.
    I great soldier of revolution, the black man the King
    Of my Fathers palace; the blood within my brothers vein.
    I the follower of great Kings, I have felt the pain of Satan,
    But I shall continue to send, my brothers the spirit within
    Me is the spirit that lies within the black man.

    Who and what difference dose it makes one might ask.
    The symbol of my family tree. I have felt the pain
    Of Satan, I have felt the trickery of his followers.
    I have been caged in 8/11 cage; I have walked through the fires; Let my word be known; you can kill the carcass of the frame shall return, I have power that only my God can give. My brothers, who have come and shall return, let no man tamper with the creations of thy God.

    No chains can hold you; No words can default you,
    No man can change the scripts that were written in blood.
    I stand before the alter; in the name of my Father God.
    My brothers shall continue to come, until my sons
    Come together as one.

    Verse that set’s my death, I am the warrior,
    Of my father’s house, I shall not die, I continue to live
    I have return, through the blood, and my spirit
    lives through my brother the black man.
    The drawing power of bravery the pride;
    the strength of the spirit who fears not death,
    understanding life will be upon the skies.
    A coward dies a thousand times
    within his own mind;

    I the brave man shall only die once.
    The voices of the soul, and the connection with God.
    Mental law of habit within the cloak
    of an everlasting life.
    Sacrifice that I Blackman have lived upon the earth.
    The human tarn heart that I have lived a clean slate.

    I shall not want I shall pass over and return.
    I your child thy God, have shared life labor,
    As every man of the world,
    the jungle the beast, the pain of no disgrace,
    The horror the black holocaust,
    as was set before my spirit,
    Of bondage I give my live to thee,
    I shall return, you my brothers, as I
    Must give to your sons of the earth.

    The eyes of the almighty,
    has breathed upon my breath.
    The deep breathes from the immensity
    of the heavens,
    dreams within the bleeding
    palms of humanities.
    Reactions of a divine soul.
    My spirit shall not die.
    I the spirit live within you,
    I shall not cry, neither shall you.

    Warriors in training pick up the torch.
    Yours brothers are standing at the light.
    The war shall begin, as I sort my brothers,
    from the destruction, which is set before
    thee, I the brother shall walk you through
    the light, no chains can hold you, no words can
    control the warriors of God’s House.

    The Black Messiah shall not die.
    Thy brother who died in the name of freedom;
    Blood shed upon his door.
    The battle with Satan to free the meek and the soul.
    The price of freedom is death only upon the earth,
    For who ever seek ever lasting life
    Shall repeat the sacrifice of life.

    The cycle repeats until the mission is complete.
    Bleed shed that regenerates life upon the earth.

    The smoking of the heart,
    Flames burn within,
    embracing each breath,
    the forest that goes without flames.
    The center of earth, the sounds of rebirth,
    dust-to-dust, ashes to ashes, I shall return.

    Hymns of heaven.
    I wake a fell of dark,
    Life in love the sweet smell of joy,
    dissolving emotions,
    upon the skies;
    the harvest great smells of life.

    I am he, whom thy seek,
    Thou gravest love,
    from thee, who gravest me.
    Taste the scent of rebirth,
    Ashes that fall upon my feet.

    Man that holds on to the
    representation of life on earth.
    Without conscious of tomorrow.
    Shall live within the circles of darkness.
    The immortal souls that live for earth.
    Thy prophecies have sacrifice life
    Within the blood shed of its cause.
    The soldiers within the spirit Jesus returns.
    Blood shed by the devils hand.

    For every prophet who lived died in the name of
    Thy fathers love, to live is to die.
    Sacrifice I give to thy God.
    If thou claim thy bounty for thy Gods sake,
    Thy beloved father who has given.
    If we do not live in the ways of the creator,
    If we do not accept the treasures of
    Thy Gods creation how can we claim the victory of peace.
    If we do not appreciate the sentence of life,
    Then how can we accept the
    History of our ancestors;
    who have given us a second chance.
    I stand before the Calvary I set my
    troubles upon the cross.

    No weapons shall fall upon you I have given it to the lord.
    I walk through the evil of darkness no weapons shall prosper seek ever-lasting life. I the chariot of Gods spoken words. Thou cannot control many of our actions are thoughts. Nor can we control the bionic robot

    The prophets shall return never less the blood
    Shall spill until the savior says it shall end.
    I give to thee my soldiers thy life.
    The body is just a caucus I shall live on.

    The servant 0r the master balances within
    Universal concepts of how, when, where, theorize
    Wisdom the Power Of Gods laws.
    Development of solutions constitutes
    the reality when a brave man chooses death.

    Beyond the Universe I humble;
    within the curse of the earth.
    My validation upon this land I humble,
    which man cannot understand.
    The child like state and those ;
    who represents the armor of Gods grace;
    My inheritance shall be restored upon this earth.

    I shall not die, I shall return. My spirits sings
    Its own resurrection to fame.
    I have been murder through tribulations, but I shall return,
    until my brothers get it right.
    The man of wisdom shall hold its own.
    Through the valley of death,
    Man does not understand the philosophy of a true king.
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    And thank God that Jesus has not forsaken us. He knows our pains, and continues with us in our struggle. Do continue to spread the message.
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    Goodness of thy father .....well done sis.