Black Poetry : Saw a girl fine like Mariah Cary in the library and knock over a pile of books she smile and shook h


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May 11, 2006
Saw a girl fine like Mariah Cary in the library and knock over
a pile of books she smile and shook her head lips were red Dover
Delaware is somewhere up the road and sex stick in my mind
after some quick wine in the car a cold driver but it's times
I'm a sole survivor after an event that id master frequent in HIP HOP
so boo lets lip lock love can rip shop as juice has a tendency to drip drop
in silk panties, milk and candies create a ballistic structure which suggest
a characteristic of culture don't get this twisted let USHER sing his best
my psycho scripts are like microchips my EBONICS are electronic
and your wet skirt is like network it attract boy and that's so ironic
this stuff impacts and destroys like gin and tonic so don't drink fast
best think pass this my task listed use a calculator as my evaluator mass
numbers are added up equal pain” “NAW PLAYER I have facts and breasts
which are acts to impress and I guess Black HIP Hop is best and its bless
I'm a Brown Soul Sista right here in VIRGINIA BEACH AND BOYS
try kiss my red lips that make a girl's head trip and the bed toys
and slip our mind,” “I REMEMBER I stumble and fell right in a boy's
arms he jest kissed my lips while I twist my hips he was charmed
couldn't go anywhere and far as sex plenty there he was from a farm
no witty city in him at all I was so hot down there after that my alarm
hormones was going off he knowing soft words to speak sweet in my
ears I try clear my throat and couldn't this not a joke shouldn't be looked
upon as that, he sucked my tongue couldn't duck none my body cooked
my panties wet and hot he could get a lot of sex out of this so I best
chill because my breasts will spill milk grade A homogenize oh yes
May need help with my dress he jest felt my breasts wouldn't settle for less
my pot and kettle bless in the kitchen itching like it's stir fried progress
made oh a BROWN SOUL SISTA go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
boys try for pie this impact the slim fact about my escape, my luck divine
his words stuck in my mind wanna squeeze my heart, leave a mark time
has expired and sex is desired it's the next wired trick up his sleeve
wanna pluck these feathers of mine and forever climb in bed so freeze
this moment a Brown Soul Sista have to think great about her pink cake so please
no love talk that could set it off that'll make it wet and soft then you'll get
to toss my panties on the rear view very near to the front windshield so let
the show begin,” “ I've written words with hidden verbs but the action
is not satisfaction matter of fact its been really a FATAL ATTRACTION
need to talk to GLEN CLOSE because my body been toast and boys lick
that, I end up a chick at their crib, love talk struck me in the head and TRIXS
are for kids but it's hard to duck the bed mixed emotions calling and I'm falling
in love,” “OK BOO I kissed a girl's lips in love made a trip to the club balling
messed around slipped in the mud messed up my pants now less chance for
a romance so boo may I have this dance?” “NOPE MUD on your suit at the bar
you were cute so like SALT-N-PEPPA I'm gonna shoop you wanna scoop of my
ice cream pie huh? my skirt is down as I flirt around booty twerk brown I try
be humble like KENDRICK LAMAR but I stumble and boy fell in it in the car
oh the lips on my thing was so wet and phat boys like to get that it's up to par
like a jar of peaches on bizarre beaches in the car they reaches for my panties
getting sex is very tall aim but love is all the blame coupled with round fannies
need time to proceed to unwind let knowledge feed the mind a kiss
lead all kinds of joy this reminds a boy on what to do well I reminisce
have brown sweaty thighs and boys be ready for pies couldn't believe
my eyes he jest kiss my lips right here at LOWES I can't breathe
because he got tongue right there couldn't go anywhere I was stuck
plus I was moving my thing around like crazy just brown gravy he sucked
my tongue and was sprung I was hung on phonics talked some EBONICS
it's so ironic how a boy kiss a girl's lip and get some tongue some bionics
in this


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May 11, 2006
drive a hummer and lumber is a piece of wood I feast in hood with peanut butter in south and it clutter your mouth went to the club invent love left a dent in the rug, ignite hopes, type quotes write notes which are short letters get all sorts of clever remarks and see parks to visit so explicit, stupid mean without sense no doubt they convinced that hating is the right way, look this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH the whack can't reach this level with a ladder can't climb a rhyme

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