Black Events : SAVIOR'S DAY 2006 - Help Min. Farrakhan

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    Peace and Greetings to all my people,

    My name is Atu X and I am asking all who know and or love Min. Farrakhan/Nation of Islam and his works support our National Saviors Day Event held in Chicago IL the weekend of Feb. 26, 2006 this is an event that all who are concerned with the condition and upliftment of Black People today should support. The Hon. Min. Farrakhan has been working in our communities, and wherever Black People can be found, FOR 50+ YEARS, to raise the mentality and condition that we have been put in as Black People. He has given his life to help our people! I think this man deserves any support that we can give him. Yes, I am a member of the Nation of Islam and love this man, but that does not detract from his mans work/track record. this man not only Loves us BUT IS SHOWING HIS LOVE BY HIS WORKS! (love is a verb, i.e. an action)

    We are asking for any donations that you can give.
    To do so contact you Local Muhammad’s Mosque. If in the Indianapolis Area please contact Atu X at: 317-460-7348 or via email at:[email protected]
    If you are calling long distance and would like to help Please Call 1-888-872-4107.
    Remember and Know, that The Nation of Islam is Dedicated to the Upliftment of Our People, not one dime will be spent for selfless gain!

    Thank You all in advance for your support,

    Atu X
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    Savior's Day is for the Fearles!!


    Any one who has ever attended a "Savior's Day" convention know that every one is represented. To day it does not matter what one think one believes and that was shown in both 1995 and agin in 2005 in Washington DC for the Million Man March and the "Millions More Movement". The "Fearles" from "All" schools of thought were willing to "Stand-Up" and show the world what the "Future" is going to look like for (Africans) and "All other" people of color.
    Indian, African, Mexican, Arab, Indonisan, Fillipino, Chinese, Japanise and more were all in attendance to show their "Unity" and support behind the cause of "African-Liberation". Every one in the world knows that when the African and African-American finaly "Free" them self...Every one else in the "World" will be "Free" also!!
    It is time to "Stop" making excuses for what ever the reason to not stand and be counted among the "Liberators" when every one will benifit in the end.
    Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Bohda or any other is going to "Liberate" any one until they "Liberate" them self. G-d "Only" helps those who help them "Self"!!!
    We will risk our life to be serched to go into a "Club" to have drinks, dance, Flirt get laid, drunk and fall out but we won't come together to Liberate our "Minds"...then we start to make excuses...some will say..."I don't agree with him"!!?? Do you agree with what Amerikkka has in store for "You"?? So if you are not the least bit courious, inqisitive or inspired to overcome your fear and ignorance...stay at home and do nothing. The "Fearles" no matter what denomination or so-called faith will be in attindance to let the world know we are making a "Change" in African and African-Americans condition. Stand up for "Right" make yourself proud of yourself. Let's do something to change the apalling condition we find in our communities and lives. The Saviors Day Convention is a International Event. Why won't you come??