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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

The four horsemen in Rev chapter 6 were

1. White (Venus)

2. Red (Mars) Red is blood for Wars/Mars

3. Black (Saturn) Paul is a composite of Hermes whose eye “measures grain”

4. Pale-Green or blue-green (Mercury) see The Christ Conspiracy p.269 By Acharya S.

The Black horse (Saturn) was associated with a shortage of food and the measuring of grain on scales. Plutarch in his essay Isis & Osiris p.161 stated that winter is Cronus (Saturn) and is associated with the disappearance of crops and fruits. In Hebrew the name for Saturn is connected with a root meaning “to cease”.

St. Augustine wrote The City of God and talked a little on Saturn. Augustine titled his essay:

Concerning the interpretation which compose the reason of the worship of Saturn

“They said, says Varro, that Saturn was wont to devour all that sprang from him, because seeds returned to the earth from whence they sprang…the earth itself, then and not seeds, should have been called Saturn, because it in a manner devours what it has brought forth” (Book 7:18).

In my previous essays I point out that the letter of Jude was an innuendo attack upon Paul who boasts to take advantage of others and who’s a wolf in sheep clothes that devour and only feed themselves. Jude also associates Paul with being uprooted (castrated) like the Venus star foaming up their shame. As a matter of fact Paul is lampooned in Acts 13:1-12 as Hesiod’s castration story of Cronos (Saturn) and the birth of Venus in the foam at Cyprus.

The only time in the NT were scales, food and horses are mention is between Acts 9:1-19 & Rev 6:5-7. After the scales drop from Paul’s eyes he gets hungry for food. Paul was a composite of the God Thoth (Hermes/mercury). One tip-off is Paul claiming he knows the name of a person who’s in the book of life (Philippians 4:3). Thoth wrote peoples names in the book of life. Thoth left eye was used for various fractions of the eye were called hekat, which was used for measuring grain. The black horse said: “A measure of wheat for a penny” (Rev 6:6).


By Andre Austin

“The Great City in Revelation is the city of the Gods, located in the heavens, with the 12 gates of the Zodiac. The “tree of life” in the city that bears “twelve manner of fruit” is also the Zodiac.

In addition, the 24 elders in white garments around the throne are the 24 hours of the day “around” the sun. The four angels “standing at the four corners of the earth” are the four cardinal points or angles of 90 degrees each. The 144,000 elect are the 360 degrees of the zodiacal circle multiplied by the four minutes it takes for the sun to move one degree, times a factor of 10” [a small number 2 is supposed to be at top of the zero that my computer can’t replicate].


Much has been made of the four mysterious creatures or Cherubim found in Ezekiel and Revelation chapter 4:

And round the throne, on each side of the throne, are four living creatures, full of eyes front and behind: And the first animal was a lion and the second animal was like a calf and the third animal had the face of a man and the fourth animal was like a flying Eagle.

As noted concerning the same Cherubim in Ezekiel, these four animals represent the four cardinal points of the Zodiac. Ezekiel Wheel within a wheel is a sun chariot zodiacal configuration same as “eyes (stars) within” in Rev 4. The throne is the sun, and the multitude of eyes (Watchers) are stars. The three pair of wings of each beast represents the three signs of each of the four zodiacal quadrants.

These four beasts/creatures and 4 horsemen were planets:

1. White horse, wearing a crown, a bow was Venus

2. Red Horse having sword was Mars

3. Black Horse with scales was Saturn (Saturday Jewish weekly holy days)

4. Pale green/blue was Mercury (in Greek mercury is Hermes or St. Paul)


At the Temple of Isis at Denderah was an image of a woman “seated at the center of a blazing sun…with the Twelve stars stood for the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

See The Christ Conspiracy Chapter 17 on the Meaning of Revelations by Acharya S.


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