Black Poetry : Sat next to a girl bought about a complex world at dinner time an be winner online a whack affair as


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May 11, 2006
Sat next to a girl
bought about a complex world
at dinner time an be winner online
a whack affair
as black hair
flopped across her forehead
her lips hot and galore red
to rhyme online a trauma
turns out to be prime time drama
wanna plain sandwich
after I gain advantage
even in pain I can manage
to kiss your lips
while you twist them hips
girl you be loose at a party
let me seduce your body
because girl I'm surprise
at how you hurl them pies
wanna kiss your black thighs
boo got love to share with you
“NAW PLAYER but don't dare to do
sex use perfume and paraphernalia
but none are doomed to failure
listen to JAMIE FOX and TWISTA
this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH
is like an economic policy
some money is missing
and you wanna honey to be kissing
plan drastic scripts
and take fantastic trips
to love land kiss my lips
and it may happen
and you stay rapping
about sex and trapping
girls, got you napping
in worlds of dream
wear keen perfumes
but like Halloween costumes
it scares some boys kaboom!
I be wet in schools
love is a confused set of rules
because you dream of butter
but like a scheme of color
your words team to clutter
my eardrum and I hear some
because my panties are very wet
I'm grooving with nickels
and like moving vehicles
I'm rolling with the top down
and I'm hot downtown juice around
to produce a sound lake of cake
this strange itch
has bought change in the pitch
of my voice had no choice but
the shut up even King Tut
know this is true wanna be my boo
in Kenya it get deeper
change from green to gold like VIRGINIA CREEPER
eat corn galore because it's roast hard
then to the store for a postcard
to the restaurant it's all beef and gravy
travel to museum briefed by the Navy
I flirt more
and it hurt to ignore
that, my bra to hot to unravel
so far done a lot of travel
in the air on yacht on gravel”
“OK BOO I was at a dance wit this chick
we kissed and got to romance quick
she's a wet daughter
had to set in order
her lips shook and red
had to come to grips and look ahead
my heart reach
as part of a speech
really in small particles
grab the newspaper read all articles
love is without end
and no doubt in the wind
with the top dropped
or on a bike HIP HOP
exist at the very tiptop
girl I'm dedicated and deal with toys
but your thing is medicated and heals boys
stay madly alert
nobody badly hurt
In an unoccupied space but have hot fried lace like chicken wings boys be licking my thing they say it's KFC and for deft of me don't know and won't go in their car aware of the bar and the DJ as he play hit after hit and git to master it, a slow dance usher in the romance a chance for a girl to get tongued on phonics and hung on EBONICS oh my panties be wet a lot and they get hot my hydraulics scatter but my breasts are solid matter so they suck them it hard to duck them because they sticking out it get sickening no doubt how boys talk to them and think girls don't see that where they mind be at in the bed I guess they undress you with their eyes have to be aware of your pies when kisses soar and flies, my perfume is bold so I assume the role of beauty queen booty so round and lean so I enjoy the fuss and jive but a boy just arrived I must strive to get away I'm so wet today HE SAY” “BOO I know you got phat pie to enjoy and that satisfy a boy and stats fly from here to Hanoi you a red bone and we can head home soft yellow skin which is a mellow trend now this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH need a sincere girlfriend and it appear to begin as the world spin, want strong math as I walk along a path to add numbers and glad to get to see hummers, got thunder in my flow as it undergo fabrication just vocab to nation to add to life, so boo I'm ready for action like FREDDIE JACKSON and “You Are my Lady”


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