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    If there ever was a courageous US military hero it was Sgt. Eddie Carter, JR., a soldier's soldier from the time he was a teen-ager. Now his fascinating, neglected story of patriotism and heroism in wars against democracy's enemies, and his personal battle against racial and political bigotry is finally in a paperback edition.

    Though underage at 16, Carter volunteered to fight in Chaing Kai-Chek's army after the Japanese attacked China early in 1931. Five years Later when General Francisco Franco, aided by Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy, tried to overthrow Spain's elected Republican government, Carter was on hand to fight against this fascist aggression that presaged World War II. In Spain he was wounded, imprisoned by Franco's forces and escaped.

    Before Pearl Harbor Carter joined the segregated US Army and in 1945 he was heading toward the Rhine in Germany. During the Battle of the Bulge the US, desperately needing more front line soldiers, made a special appeal to African Americans, and now US Sgt. First Class Carter, Company D, 56th Armored Infantry Battalion, 12th Armored Division, volunteered again, accepting a private's rank in order to help. He rode into battle atop a tank.

    Thompson sub-machine gun in hand, Carter faced a German squad, got every one of them, but was seriously wounded by shrapnel and bullets as another eight Nazis charged him. Carter brought down six men, and captured and brought the last two back to US lines before his many wounds were tended. He earned the Distinguished Service Cross and Purple Heart because no African American was awarded the Congress-ional Medal of Honor in World War I or World War II.

    Carter's daring and bravery under fire made him a great American hero, right? Wrong. Carter returned home and spoke out against US racism and the way Black soldiers were always being attacked by white civilians and police in Georgia. He also appeared at a rally featuring Frank Sinatra and cartoonist Bill Maudlin that was sponsored by the American Youth for Democracy -- then in the cross-hairs of the FBI and assorted red-hunters. And he had fought against fascist imperialism in China and Spain when many associated it with pro-Communism. Suddenly a secret unit of Army Intelligence decided his heroic achievements in China, Spain and in Germany made him a security risk, placed him under surveillance, and even denied him the right to reinlist! His ability to handle a machine-gun, his speaking knowledge of Hindustani and Mandarin Chinese, indeed his brilliant war record on three continents, now made an American hero a pariah.

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