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    In just a little over two years Zimbabwean Chaka Ngwenya has created an internet radio station. Initially, as a southern African he wanted to offer radio to the southern african community in NY. However, as his station evolved, since it was in the Harlem community, Ngwenya realized he needed to expand his radio concept to include African Americans. Thus, he began to take on African American hosts. Some of the African American hosts began to bring in guests from other cultures and thought that these black influenced cultures i.e., Caribbean and Hispanics should also be part of the station. Ngwenya agreed. So, he included the entire Black contingent wherever they may be in the Diaspora. And since the Internet allows for this, he continues to build his station encompassing the black and brown world.

    Recently, SARFMRADIO was offered an opportunity to go to the airwaves by a black radio station in NY. This station said if Ngwenya could show proof that the peoples of color saw the need for a station that encompassed all black voice, issues, music, discussion, etc., throughout the Diaspora they would open up airtime for SARFMRADIO on their airwave.

    Of course to do this Ngwenya and his radio hosts took to the streets conducting a survey to see whether they could get a large number of the people of color to support their bid to bring the type of radio representing the entire Diaspora, which heretofore does not exist on the NY airwaves.

    They found that some of the blacks hearing the word "black" walked on without even hearing what the survey was about. Others beautifully dressed in white attire with gold stars sewn within their clothing and looking every bit like Black Royalty (they claim to be the original Jews), sometimes accompanied by their ladies who were also dressed in garments that made them look equally regal, also walked on. These bible carrying people often seen in the street railing against the white man and talking about black unity were approached thinking naturally they would support this black effort, instead they screwed up their faces, shooed the hosts away refusing to even listen. Also, some Africans did the same claiming not to understand the language. Yet, these same Africans were witnessed entering stores purchasing items while speaking in English. Interestingly, enough it was African Americans who lent the most support to the survey. Although, dont get me wrong there were people of all cultures who supported the survey but it was rather surprising to see those whom we thought would be the first to support it, were the ones who didnt. Not all of course but it was interesting to see. Live and learn. :angel1::angel1:

    There is a survey form, I believe, online at if any of you think that having such a radio program is beneficial. You can fill out the online form if you wish to support the effort. is new and still improving.