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May 31, 2008
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Compunction has me square my shoulders, set my

Face like stone and let go completely and fast,

No time for tears, no holding back the years; I

Must let go and Pontius Pilate-esquely wash

My hands of you.


Un-cried tears erode my eyes, secret pain corrodes,

Corrodes the abysmal depths of my marble heart.

Desire to lament? Scream, but my mouth goes dry.

Time to let you go.


We met, We courted, We loved, We orgasmed…

Emotionally, you kept me cummin’ hard,

Spillin’ emotions, ideas and pure affection…

You touched me, I came.


Figuratively speaking you left me wet,

Figuratively speaking you left me full,

Figuratively speaking you left me pheening;

My drug of preference.


Addicted to you, In constant need of you,

You and I defied reality smoothly.

You tilled my earth with deft fingers, reaping eternal

Love from my roots to my tips; Play in my earth.

Tim to let you go.


I love you, but if I really love you, time

Must see me walk away from all of you now.

I have to step away from your good, black rain,

Step away for good.


Urges resisted, deadweight finally buried,

Leaving the wonderful storm that defined us, I

Embrace the new and close the past; the ghosts behind.

This dream put to rest.


I close my eye-gates, gather all my love,

Embracing the new with my back to the past

Our past…

Walking away, I love you, but I have to walk away.

Copyright(2006) AgAbus



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