Black People : Sango Music Part 7.

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    I want to highlight that Sango is the God of War and no Orisha save Esu is more fearsome that Sango. Oba Sango of Oyo empire was known for military discipline which is why he was selected over Ajaka to lead after Ajaka failed to show military discipline. As Sango I say that War is evil and those who open up a can of whop booty shall get a can of whop booty.

    War is coming to America, the killing of man and animal a 100 fold, civil unrest, marshal law, chaos, riots, famine and uprisings because we have not grasped what war truly is. War is the Ajogun, such as ignorance, death, disease, poverty, hardship and etc. It's not flesh and blood we fight against but principles in high places. The Ajogun are the negative principal forces in the highs of the Cosmo opposite the principal force of Orisha, the Ajogun are the returns of an unbalanced world and they each bring death. Since Sango is the God of Justice and Oba/Father of the people because Sango represents life thus is responsible for protecting the people from the cruelities of the Ajogon.

    To defeat the Ajogun requires Sango to unite with Oya to produce a kingdom that promotes life for the people as opposed to a nation that promotes death. Sango overcomes his enemies by teaching his people military discipline and thus igniting them faster into action and cooperation.

    Think these over and enjoy the next Sango music on the list.

    Recorded the year Sango was born 1970.