Black People : Sango afraid of Death.

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    Growing up as a kid I didn't like going to funerals because it would creep me out. I don't like to see a dead dog, a dead cat, dead bird, dead fish or dead bugs even. I only got over my hump of never going to funerals when my mother needed a ride to the funeral home to bury my step father. He and I had very huge differences and my anger was for injustices made me this cold. But I went because I loved my mother and didn't want to hurt her seeing she just lost her husband and was now alone. So I went and his body looked so stiff when I laid eyes on him lying in the casket. It was like his soul was missing and I knew he would never rise again. I still don't like death.

    Sango is life and I aim to live life to the fullest, I love fine cuisine and traveling. I love women and when they are beautiful they really catch my eye. I love to dance to the drums of African rhythm and do martial arts so I move really fast and strong. The first time I had a mango was from a Jamaican friend and who called it the fruit of the gods because Sango loves mangos. I went to the beach in Florida for the first time and fell in love with palm trees and I thought every yard should have a palm tree. I love blue waters and white sand between my feet while cooking smoked fish meat. I ate some lamb one time and it was the softest and most tender meat I had ever ate. A lamb is akin to a Ram. I love the bitter Kola nut to me it tastes sweet for some reason it just tastes sweet. Red is my favorite color and I love to wear it with white when I dress up. I did a personality test and my personality results was I am a Sanguine personality. I love to take risks, I am outgoing and I am very busy body. Sanguine people usually succeed at the most daring tasks.

    Sango is Esu's favorite because Esu is always ready and Sango is fire and child Esu loves playing with fire the most. Sango is immune to fire because Sango is made of fire.

    Thank you for reading why Sango is afraid of death because Sango represents life.