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Feb 23, 2015

'We appreciate it because we need it': Sandbranch church helps neighbors who don't have running water​

While the city of Sandbranch continues to fight for access to running water, one local church also continues to provide free water to its neighbors.

Credit: Jay Wallis
Author: Jay Wallis (WFAA)
Published: 12:36 PM CDT August 1, 2020
Updated: 12:51 PM CDT August 1, 2020
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SAND BRANCH, Texas — Sandbranch is a town about 15 miles south of Downtown Dallas that has been around for 142 years.
The town has never had running water.
It's a common necessity that Jimi Bradford has to find a way to live without, along with his brother, sister, wife, and kids—who all live with him.
"It's rough, man," Bradford said. "It's rough."

For decades, there have been efforts to bring a municipal water system to the area.
There's also been a well-known church that is helping act as a short-term solution: Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Sandbranch.
For the past 3 to 4 years, members of the church and volunteers show up to the church around 8 a.m. on Saturday to pass out free water and boxes of food.

Credit: Jay Wallis
The volunteers will deliver the water and boxes of food directly to a neighbor's car, without making any contact with them.
They stay for about three hours and typically help out about 112 families.
It's volunteer work Chess Jones said she loves to do. She is the announcing clerk for the church.
"As a church, we build community, so it's all about the people and we're here to help the people," Jones said.
Volunteers showed up this Saturday, to provide people with water along with boxes of food that included potatoes, apples, oranges, rice, plums, peaches and cabbage.

Credit: Jay Wallis
Each box of food is taped up and delivered directly to a neighbor's car.
Jones said all the water and food come from other organization's donations and from some of the volunteers who buy it for the church. Mt. Zion also purchases some of the items.
"Being able to be a blessing to somebody is why I wake up every Saturday and do this," Jones said.
Bradford said it's difficult to describe what this type of donation means for his family.
"It's kind of hard to express, but it's joyful," Bradford said. "I love it. And I love them. I appreciate everything they're doing. We appreciate it because we need it."
While the Sandbranch community is the church's focus, Jones said her team will also help out neighboring communities like Seagoville, Mesquite and Pleasant Grove.


Jul 2, 2003
This is total neglect from government officials.
The City of Dallas contaminated their water, with it's pollutants. Yet no humane hearts care from the corporate level.

1878 - Sandbranch was moved into by Families

Go Fund Me - page started years ago



Construction Completion Date : March 1, 2023 - a pipe is actually a mile away from the residence.

March 2023 is the date of install if they do actually put in water pipes. This funding proposal is more like a planning commission cost analysis. They spent the money granted on lawyers and surveys..

Currently the homes in the Sandbranch Development do not have a potable drinking water source and the residents rely on bottled water for drinking. The City of Dallas has an existing 8-inch potable water line less than one mile away from Sandbranch.

The water system improvements selected for the proposed project include installing approximately 26,000 linear feet of new 6-inch or 8-inch PVC water distribution lines and appurtenances such as fire hydrants, gate valves, meter connections, bores, etc. The proposed water system improvements also include a tie-in to the City of Dallas' water line and installing a pump station with water storage, pumps, and disinfection facilities.


Jul 2, 2003
There must be resources within that land.

That is why they are being starved and bought out. Because the evaluation of those resources can't proceed with a single resident still living there.
Petition that should be circulated around Dallas for sure



going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001
Do those in Texas realize that many of their local leaders let this happen? Do they realize that they must be recalled and voted out? Because not doing so is why Cancun Cruz thought he could go to Mexico.


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