Black People : Sanctifying The Divide Between Black People In Afrika And Blacks in America

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    Hoteph beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    If you do not know the entire story of Black people on this planet with a place call Afrika being the center of our arrival, without the profane and misinformation given to us by the Human Beings on this planet, then how do you expect to speak with Divine knowledge and with understanding about the Cause and Effect of Afrika and the Black People condition in Afrika, with the Why in the mix.

    Such knowledge is required for Black people serving as a sign that we now Think clearly and speak Divinely Factual about the state of condition of the Black World and about the estranged relationship between Black People in Afrika and those in america United States, such a separation is also in action between Black people in Afrika and those of us in the rest of the Diaspora and wherever else we Black People are on this planet.

    Anytime Black people in their effort to highlight the division and dissension between Black People and more especially between Black People in Afrika and Black People in america, we start out as if to sanctify that division by sighting the attitude and behavior of Black people in Afrika and Black people in america toward each other, when it should be an unacceptable behavior of Black people, first toward our respective selves and against the two continent where Black People reside, divided and ignorant of each other, verifying that great divide as being something as if our present attitude and behavior of Black people in Afrika and Black people in america is ordained by the Divine Essence that produced us all.

    From the very first time our Ancient First way Ancestors arrived to this planet, they were One collective unified homogeneous Colony of Black Divine Beings, Diverse in no way, because in Divinity there is no Diversity, so all of this Human Being Sociology and psychology we now wear by possessing the Human Being Mind, give cause for us to attempt to appear intelligent when attempting to justify and sanctify the fact of our Divide and our Diversity by a now confuse do not know whom we are Black People.

    such a Black behavior of divide, most certainly do not impress me and I most certainly do not need to told about anything concerning our Diversity and why, as if it is a natural and should be acceptable state of the Black World relationship of division and diversity, not so beloved, at least not with me, even when I see the evil of the Human Being ways, now being reflected in the Human Being Mind of Black people, I know and understand the reason, cause, and effect of the Black People divisive attitude and behavior toward each other and it does not need to be, nor justified.

    I do not bite my tongue when I say that Black Folks in Afrika have an obligation to show Divinity in their attitude and behavior toward the Black People in america and the rest of the Diaspora, those of us here by way of the Middle passage, if we were not operating under the authority of our Human Being Mind, then such would not be difficult to know and understand by Black People every where.

    Beloved, it was our Enslaved Black so call Afrikan Ancestors that was taken away from their mother and father Land and ferried to a distant strange Land, a land now known as America United States.

    Do you not know that our Enslaved Ancestors did survive the worst Evil the Human Being behaved toward them and now here we are, the children of those who with stood that horrible evil, standing tall with undying Love for a Land that made its connection with us through the Genetic connection we have with our Enslaved Black so call Afrikan Ancestors ?

    Yet here we are, having master the knowledge of this evil devilish oppressor and of the Most Ancient story about that land call Afrika and our First way Ancestors, which now qualify us to know that which we know about our Black selves, not all of us, but some of us, and based on all of that Divine Knowledge of mental experience, concerning the Holy Land of our Enslaved Mother and Father , as well as the Knowledge of our Ancient First Way Cosmic Divine Black so call Afrikan Ancestors, yet here you are attempting to look down your black nose with contempt toward us children of the Middle Passage.

    I am here to tell you so call Black Afrikans, you who are guilty of such stupidity, all of you who have a problem with our ability to know deeply about that which we have yet to become physically part of, meaning Afrika, and we being the genetic verification of our Enslaved Black so call Afrikan Ancestors, which Divinely give us inheritance Right to that Land call Afrika and you have a problem with that ?

    Beloved, the problem you have in accepting us Black folks in america, here by way of the middle passage with honor and respect, you Black Afrikans who have been contaminated by the doctrine and sociological mental assimilation, with those who have a factual reputation of oppressing Black People, then you so call Black Afrikans in Afrika with such a Human Being mind set toward us Children of the Middle passage, you become that of the problem to us which we now experience from the devil themselves, they calling themselves Human Beings, so I ask, is that the type of relationship you desire to have with us Black Nationalist Garveyites in america ?

    We who are fighting for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation so that we may return, not as paupers bus as Afrika Liberators, having a Divine Right to become the next established Independent State in Afrika for the purpose to engage in the effort to unify a divided and diverse Black World in Afrika.

    So beloved, the Blacks in america, here by way of the middle passage has a Divine Right to expect an acceptable attitude and behavior coming from those Black so call Afrikans that remained in Afrika and allowed themselves to become so diverse and divided among themselves and losing control of all of Northern Afrika and is now fast losing possession of the rest of Afrika,

    You have become so Divided and confused Black Afrikans in Afrika, so much so, until it has become an acceptable Black so call Afrikan Social attitude and behavior that reinforce Black People in Afrika to be a very Diverse Black People, which come not naturally so, but from the coming of the Human Being into our so call Black Afrikan House, and they did change the psychic of a people who were once Black, united, and So call Afrikan, and the Human Being did spread such a disease of Division and diversity within the Human Being Mind of those so call Black Afrikans in Afrika and from the Human Being action, such an action did infect an entire Black World and now here we are acting as if there is no cure for such an illness that is not common to Black People, as we attempt to sanctify and justify this evil Diverse and Divided attitude and behavior that is now so commonly accepted and expressed by those Black so call Afrikans in Afrika and those children of the middle passage in america toward each other, how pitiful and shameless we Black Folks have become in this evil world.

    Let your Ego and Vain selfishness determine your evil behavior toward your kit and Kin in america if you so desire, but it will not affect the fact that the Liberation of Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan, which will be determine by the type of relationship that is developed between the Black so call Afrikan in Afrika and those Black People in america, those who are here by way of the middle passage, they who are making preparation for their return to Afrika and to be the next established independent State in Afrika and such a Divine Truth is not depended on how a Human Being Black Afrikan mind react to such a Divine Truth, a quality of Divinity we have long lost and forgotten.

    Yes, Yes, if the children of the Middle passage can Divinely and Justly require Reparation from those institutions that played a part in Enslaving our Ancestors, then it does not matter how benign it may have been in term of the role the Black so call Afrikans played in securing our Ancestors Enslavement, you in Afrika and is Black, you are obligated to share the Land of Afrika with the Children of the Middle Passage, approving it to be used as we so desire, because that desire will serve to the benefit and liberation of all of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan People.

    All of the fancy Talk and oppressors educated analysis will not be able to justify the maintaining of the Black Afrikan Human Being Mental behavior now expressed toward the children of the middle passage in america, and yes, there are those of us that be among the children of the middle passage that hold such a Divine Knowledge about Afrika, God, Universe, and Black People, we have a Deep and Divine Love for Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans, so much so, until the Afrikans in Afrika is lost from having what is needed to understand and appreciate such Divine Loyalty to Afrika Nationalism and Divine Love for the so call Black Afrikans, such that come naturally to the Children of the middle passage to have and express toward Afrika and the so call black Afrikans., such a Divine attitude and behavior run deep from some of the Minds of the Children of the Middle passage and we do not apologize for having such an ability to reveal such a Divine Mind of expressed awareness and love and respect for our Black selves.

    Yes, Yes, Black People are lost and divided, and is now a diverse people in the world, does that mean we should not have the desire to become a Divine Monolith of a Black People again ?

    Woe is unto you Black People who attempt to sanctify and justify the division and diverseness of the Black World and Afrika as well.

    The Divine Truth, Most Black People Despise The Divine Truth In Favor Of The Profane Lie about God, Universe and Our Black Selves !!!

    Here Is Loving You

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