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    The self-realization leads to liberation of the soul from the worldly bonds. You must be relieved from the worldly attachments if you are determined to join the service of the Lord. If you are joining the new institution, you must be relieved from the old institution. By self-realization, you are relieved from the worldly bonds and you are expected to join the new institution i.e. the service of the Lord. Such relieving is not the retirement, so that you can stay in your house leisurely without any activity. Similarly by self-realization, when you are relieved from the worldly bonds, it should not mean that you should continue in that state without any bond. You are relieved from the old bonds to strengthen the new divine bond with God. After leaving the old job, you are expected to do the new job with more vigor.

    After cutting the worldly love, you are expected to love God more vigorously. But the Advaita philosopher is continuing in the state of no love after cutting the worldly love. Instead of achieving a better goal, the case became worse. The anesthesia is given to perform the operation so that you are relieved from the disease and live with more happiness. After the operation also, anesthesia may be given to relieve you from the pains. But the case of Advaita philosopher is unfortunate because he has gone into continuous coma after the operation. In such case it would have been better if the operation is not done so that at least, he will live with the disease. Here, the self-realization (Yoga) is the anesthesia. The process of operation is liberation (Moksha) from worldly bonds. After this liberation, the liberated soul is expected to join the service of the Lord with more vigor.

    Just like after the operation, the patient is expected to be more active in his life. But unfortunately after the liberation, the Advaita philosopher continues in the same state of self-realization (coma) only. This unfortunate situation developed because the patient wants anesthesia and operation for getting continuous coma only. The goal is prefixed by the patient. Similarly, the Advaita philosopher has fixed the goal of self-realization and liberation as the continuity of himself in the state of self-realization (self-attainment) only. His goal is Brahman, which is pure awareness without any quality or thought or feeling (Nirgunachit). Even if all the thoughts are removed as in the state of meditation, the thought of self-awareness exists.

    Therefore there is no awareness without thought (Guna). The awareness without any thought, which is the complete Nirgunachit, is nothing but the inert energy, which is the essential form of the awareness as obtained in the deep sleep (Sushuptyekasiddhah –Sankara). Such state is nothing but the state of a tree or a stone, in which the mind (all the thoughts) is totally destroyed (Manolayayoga). The childish Advaitin calls such state as the state of Brahman in ultimate reality. He wants to remain as inert energy in the cosmos, which is the soul in the highest state (deep sleep) in his words! I am deeply pained at this pitiable condition of such human beings who are misled like this. The soul of Advaitin continuing in this state of thoughtless inert energy cannot disappear from the cosmos, because the primary cosmic energy will never disappear as per the will of God. It is retained for storing the entire film of the world as a reel at the end of this world show. Let this unfortunate Advaitin become a tree or a stone so that at least he will be useful in serving a devotee. A devotee maybe fed with the fruits of such tree or the devotee can sit on such stone for praying the God. Therefore instead of remaining as a part of the cosmic inert energy or becoming the entire cosmic energy by merging in it, such rebirth as a tree or stone is only due to the grace of God on him. The realization should lead to the liberation of the soul from the worldly bonds and not from the bond with God. If all bonds are removed, he will be neither here nor there. It is better if he remains in the worldly bonds having at least some disturbed entertainment in the world. At least this is better if he is unable to get the divine bliss in the divine love with the God. It is better to have ‘Goli Soda’ if the ‘goldspot’ drink is not available. It is better to have worldly bonds if the bond with God is not available. In fact, after tasting the gold spot, the golisoda is spontaneously rejected. Thus rejection of golisoda has only one sole aim, which is the goldspot.
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    Now that is the truth! Once one decides to hold onto that which is faithful instead of that which is carnal, they are making a choice to be with the Father forever and His holy Son. One must make a choice to have faith in the Son for His sacrifice for our sins, and one must make a choice to believe in the resurrection from the dead, which has ultimately led us to salvation and redemption before the Father on High. :) All things old fade away and become new before us when we trust the Father and His Way, and no longer abide by our own will and selfishness.