Black Spirituality Religion : Salvation means cutting the bonds with everything other than God.

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    Salvation means cutting the bonds with everything other than God.

    When the intensity of Shraddha (Basic interest on God is called as Shraddha) increases, it is called as devotion. When you enter Nivrutti (loving practical service to God in Human form), there is no risk at all, since the eternal bond with God is formed. In Nivrutti, there is no need of worship of God. Worship is ex-pression of devotion. Real love does not require any ex-pression. When the occasion comes, it gets expressed spontaneously. You are not expressing daily your love on your children. When the proper occasion arises, it springs up without any effort.

    In Nivrutti the devotion is expressed in the test conducted by God on you. You say that God is testing your devotion. Your statement is correct in the language of souls. The same statement in the language of God is that God is trying to help you in proving that you have the highest bond with God only and not with anything or anybody other than God. Salvation means cutting the bonds with everything and everybody other than God. Kaivalyam means formation of the single highest bond with God. Both salvation and kaivalyam are essential.
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    Salvation means being cut from the bonds of sin, by the One who died for our sins, and was resurrected the 3rd day into eternal life forevermore.

    Real love is showed to the Father in expression, and is more than occasion, but is every step of the Way, for He doesn't leave off from us. Yes, it has moments that are more noticeable by man's eyes, but by the eyes of the Father, He notices what you express within, all, so let it be love, fear, worship, and praise of the Father and Honor to the Most High and His Holy Anointed. Blessings!