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Feb 3, 2001
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Sagittarius and Sexual Compatibility

You have a fiery, passionate nature, which is – fortunately for you – guided by the wisdom and benevolence of Jupiter, your ruling planet. You do not crave variety, but you enjoy repeating what has already been proven to be successful and pleasurable...

You are best mated with one of the air signs, who need and appreciate the flame from your sacred fire. With Gemini you can enjoy mental stimulation and understanding, as well as exciting sex with one who will respond wholeheartedly to your lead. You call the tune and Gemini will echo, resulting in a musical counterpoint of sexual bliss!

Venus-ruled Libra will cool your superfluous ardor as your warm Sagittarian fire keeps Libra’s scales perfectly balanced. It is only natural that Venus, the planet of love, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion, should get together romantically. You have the larger perspective, and can fit sexuality into the framework of the total relationship, which will be appreciated by gentle, peace-loving Libra. And the Aquarian love for humanity fits in perfectly with the Sagittarian concept of virtue through humanitarian endeavors. There is a natural affinity between air and fire that makes these relationships very satisfying...

Avoid a relationship with another fire sign. Sagittarius and Aries is not a good sexual relationship, since Mars, ruler of Aries, is too quick to go to war for wisdom-loving Jupiter. With Leo the relationship would get too hot to handle, and with another Sagittarian there will be too much wandering - one or the other will eventually wander off...

A sexual alliance with one of the earth signs is not advisable either. Taurus would try to box in the Sagittarian, who would soon run away. You would find slow, picky Virgo most tiresome, and you would have no patience with the gentle art of seduction required by a Capricorn...

Also (and unfortunately) you are not suited for a relationship of any kind with the water signs. You are too honest and blunt for the shy, oversensitive Cancer, and the power-hungry Scorpion would turn you off. Being optimistic and honest, you would find the Piscean too pessimistic and deceitful for any kind of permanent relationship...


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