Black Sports : Safety panel considers heavier gloves, more training

Discussion in 'Black Sports' started by panafrica, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Safety panel considers heavier gloves, more training

    A committee exploring boxing safety is considering several new rules intended to keep fighters from dying in the ring.
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    Good article bruh.....I don't think there's anything that can be done though about the deaths in boxing especially when a lot of folks walk around with that physical problem that no doctor's ever noticed that would never otherwise show itself until you take a few hundred shots to the head then bam you're gone.....I think boxing is already regulated to the edge of where it can stand any more rules without losing it's appeal.....folks these days are not so keen on bloodsport anymore and the ones that want to help by regulating the sport even more fail to realize what boxing is at its core.....even though it is the sweet science and way more complex than most realize in the end it's two highly skilled(most times anyway) well trained men trying to beat each other into submission...boxers take more punishment in 1 fight than most men will in a lifetime and the subsequent deaths are sadly going to be a part of's the same in Thailand with muay thai, and almost any other combat sport....the only reason they don't have as many deaths in the MMA ranks is only because of the guys usually not getting hit in the head half as much as a boxer and the fights being stopped a lot faster.....most boxing matches see anywhere from 30 to close to 100 or so punches thrown per round per boxer depending on how active the fighter is with at maybe 60% or more being head shots...not all landing but usually the majority landing and that's per over 12 rounds that's a lot of punishment and with boxers just coming in fighting at least every other month or so it doesn't take a genius to figure out why fighters who have have active careers slur when they talk or have trouble with their memory and at times their motor me it's part of the game....not that I like it but thats' just the way it is....and to think what it used to be like...with guys fighting upwards of over 20 rounds and before that in the bare knuckle days when they fought until it was's like the Thais they have a few deaths yearly from Muay Thai even though they only have 5 rounds the difference being some of the Thai fighters I know have had upwards of 100 or more fights....with 30 or more coming before they even turn 18 anyway I lost my focus but yall get the point.....death from head injuries goes with boxing like broken bones and football as long as we do it it's going to happen......