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Sadistic personality disorder is a pervasive pattern of cruel, demeaning, and aggressive behavior, beginning by early adulthood, as indicated by the repeated occurrence of at least four of the following:

Has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship (not merely to achieve some noninterpersonal goal, such as striking someone in order to rob him or her)

Humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others

Has treated or disciplined someone under his or her control unusually harshly.

Is amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals)

Has lied for the purpose of harming or inflicting pain on others (not merely to achieve some other goal)

Gets other people to do what he or she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror)

Restricts the autonomy of people with whom he or she has a close relationship, e.g., will not let spouse leave the house unaccompanied or permit teenage daughter to attend social functions

Is fascinated by violence, weapons, injury, or torture

The behavior has not been directed toward only one person (e.g., spouse, one child) and has not been solely for the purpose of sexual arousal (as in sexual sadism).
I had a very good guy friend like this.
It broke up his marriage and later many friendships including ours.
This is a very dangerous personality defect.
Very disturbing to the spirit as well.
I always knew something was wrong with him but he would hide it under kindness or lies.
He would lie and lie and cause conflict amongst friends and family members.
He would even make up illnesses so others could feel sorry for him.
There were even rumors that he would tie up his wife and kids just for fun.
Very strange and mentally ill individual.
I often wonder why people like this cross my path.:qqb016:


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