Black Poetry : Sadie back upon da glot!(bang bang)

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    Bang! bang! cities street rang
    from po po hard core gang
    blood run from da gun
    another child daughter or son
    gone gone !! under da blast
    for protection dats truly mask
    death angel callin names
    in this unworthy bash
    where is reality of man
    that is hidden in ameri-land
    of no free but under 6 feet
    to the guns of city streets
    Mothers cry go unheard
    hearts broken like a whip-lash
    mental chained, destructional brain
    jailed , caged worth taken by the
    days of mint seconds on a train
    of nowhere and never will see
    life should be of free to live
    but continue to grasp
    families pay da great kill bill
    feeding me this dyfusion meal
    speakers speech of peace be still
    but what's real is the blu steel
    unity is a unspoken song
    fighting against every bone
    everyday a battle lost more is clone
    flashing lights throughout da night
    sirens sing sour notes
    bodies fall on every click
    tic tic tic the clock run out
    only remember the sound of da glot
    bang ! bang ! another death
    over the this and that
    then the badge of hater-ration
    against the black man and son
    bang! bang! another dead
    look at all this on a family head
    communities fold , lost the mold
    only the bold is the tote gun stroll
    they say man don't kill
    hold up if you will !!!
    in his hand through his mind
    his choice then the crime facing time
    name will never shine , inside yes he dying
    and even crying so is the others
    why my brother no common ground
    have we been frighten into silent sound
    hands up weapon free still one killed me
    from the color of my skin
    cast me as worthless sin
    Proud to be as I am a black soul
    now fighting in defense mold
    with love, peace to generation seed
    I shoot deed that won't make u bleed
    and leave words for mental feed
    S.T.O.P .....THINK.... don't be a tumbleweed
    So Speaketh Sadieeeeee!!!!!!
    drip drip drip