Black People : Sadaam H to be Tried... Uh-oh

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    Imagining Saddam's trial
    The deposed dictator might call Donald Rumsfeld and a host of American leaders -- as defense witnesses.
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    By Barry Lando
    Dec. 16, 2003 | It's a good bet that, despite their apparent elation, many U.S. leaders wanted Saddam found dead, not captured alive. As they ponder the consequences they're probably increasingly upset that the disheveled fallen dictator wasn't riddled by a hail of bullets, blown up by a grenade, or self-dispatched by cyanide capsule when all seemed lost. Instead, prominent Americans could find themselves playing a role in what may be a very long, drawn-out and embarrassing trial. Imagine, for instance, seeing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, former Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, and a parade of CIA directors and secretaries of state called as witnesses -- for the defense. Not to mention a clutch of headmen from other Western and Middle East countries. This may be exactly what Saddam now craves: the chance to publicly implicate other leaders and countries in his own brutal past. It won't be difficult.

    *BURN, BABYLON, BURN!!!* :angel1:
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    Hmm, sources close to the action, ie, they live or work there say a deal was struck to capture him alive and that's why they drugged him [to minimize the likelihood of him being hurt] and the deal striking was due to the fact that the man who betrayed his whereabouts was one of his family, to whom he was close.

    According to one report I read, this man [and another who helped in Saddam's capture] have been killed by the tribe his [Saddam] family originate from.

    Here's the report from, now behind the subscriptional vault.

    Babylon will burn eventually but I doubt this will be the match that sets it off [if this report is true].

    Seeing as Saddam is now in the hands of the US, if he really can pose a threat, I don't think they'll allow him to live that much longer, "we regret to inform you that former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein [although still President in many an Iraqi eye] has died in custody of heart failure blah blah....or something along that line.

    They [the U.S], according to the above report, wanted to humiliate both he and his supporters by kidnapping him in such as fashion as this, such is the pathetic nature of these leaders in the US.

    The real minds caught in the sway of white supremacy

    Here's an article btw, about Britain, Caribbean [*cough* knee-gro *cough*] leaders and Zimbabwe, again from Mathaba...
    As you will see, Mugabe's governemt is not without it's problems, black people sometimes truly are their own worst enemy, another example of failing to learn from history...pfft.