Black Poetry : Sad Sad Eyes


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May 11, 2001
Atlanta, GA
Sad sad faces all around
death, heartbreak, confused states of mind
tears are falling like heavy rain
fears building in the darkness
no love for the sad
times like these
you wonder where the happy done gone to
sad sad melancholy eyes
all around
downcast,averted to hide the pain
yesterday I was full of sunshine and joy
today I remember how the darkness feels
maybe tommorrow I can exhale and blow all the grief away
but for now I lay down
and am craddled
in my saddness
a strange comfort I know
but it keeps away the cold
sad sad faces all around
and as I raise my head and glance your way
yours seem the saddest of all
deep peace 'Tasha

at first i wanted to tell you to get from around these people, they are killing your smile ... but then i read it again ... and realized that even i am, on occasion, one of them ... so i changed my mind and must simply say ...

great peace




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