Black Poetry : SAD DAY IN MANHATTAN (911)

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    Remember the call from Heaven on September 11 //
    Disgrace in the face of humankind the number is seven //
    Like the manufacture of soap the thought fracture hope //
    The plan must’ve blended eight year like whisky Sincere
    Risky from all scope //
    Planes high jacked now the sky is black with smoke //
    It seems like a whack joke but no got our back broke //
    Highjackers are the attackers carry hearts like the cold //
    Of winter share my soul with a freedom dinner it’s old //
    Like illuminated manuscript elevated to slip and roll //
    Our freedom at risk like a bet on racehorses we must //
    Embrace right choices as not death is heard in our voices
    Terrorism erases the courses of trust //
    From the cockpit the MANHATTAN block was hit //
    Nobody could stop it the streets turn red a bit //
    Like a grenade jet fuel proved to be explosive when lit //
    They flew true with the raw claws of a Legal eagle //
    To rip its prey by terrorist laws chew freedom like a beetle //
    Rupture the structure of the buildings foundation and end //
    Life as we knew it, they used a knife to do it with my friend //
    Glided and collided into the World Trade Center twin //
    Towers through the wind debris showers like heavy rains //
    Ear splitting crash hitting and bash buildings like cranes //
    May jumped to their death like paratroopers without chutes //
    No doubt many dressed in three piece suits like business recruits //
    Terrorists use intimidations with no limitation try to maintain //
    Power, try sink our freedom titanic with frantic murder acts //
    Citizen on the job romantic soon changed into a mob panic
    I’m an alerter of fact //
    Dollars and hollers flew through the fog like non-collared dogs
    They towered above the very clouds fell and buried crowds
    Like dirt being toss on a grave we loss many brave and proud //
    Shiver with numbness there’s a river of dumbness among us //
    Flow strong like water of Kalamazoo that slaughter true
    Banner that hung in the dust //
    Chilling like the wind how terrorists killing women men //
    Filling a mission that can only be a thrilling end //
    At last it was the blast heard around the world //
    A scream as sick bricks and debris is twirl //