Black Poetry : Sacrifices


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Apr 6, 2001
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A life is given a chance...
For love and Romance...
For goals and tribulations...
For Achievements and Pride at Gratuation...

We often forget that to receive you must give...
That to be happy you must live...
To be free it must be embedded in your mentality...
But to gain what result could be the fatality.

In an approach to succeed...
How many time must you bleed...
from dispair...
and brain and muscle repair... an angle...
Glanced at but in the distance..
Slowly coming to an existence
As you reach for a better you....
And with that you shall include...

sha you hype my mental

when i read your work
yea can't get no where without sacrifices yo sha check this piece i wrote called "Da Rise and Da Fall"
it borders on what you wrote and i don't care what nobody say you all that i am a fan of yours. you strong mentally, i like that, so i tend to gravitate towards you because of your strength i feed off of that. you definitely have someone here you loves your works so if we have to will be in this together. i gonna send you a private message shortly. because we need strong soldiers like you, when i say soldiers the last thing you should be thinking of is army, navy, marines or air force, feel me, we are Da Street So'jaz.

Peace and love Shaneak
you have MADE me a believer in you

DSSNY - inside the struggle

You know I'm going to disagree right. :D We asked that the our love is equal to the love given...but many times that is not the case... I've seen where i don't give love and recieve an abundance of it back...and i've also seen time where I've given love and only received appeciation for my affection..but not the same in return... which is why i my quote is their...Accept love as it is given...for love is not made in vain!!! But i must say...I have seen love in many different ways...shapes sizes...emotions...just different...if i could count how many ways love can be received...Its is blessing the word in disquise...

mr. Kem is right

we are all balls of energy
so it is important that you continue to project love, don't worry about what somebody else is doing worry about your character, because if you (this is universal law) project love the love comes back to you maybe not in the form you want it in but it comes back, it falls back to the saying "what goes around comes around" so the important thing is not to push negative because you get negative back, same for positive so that's why Mr. Kem is right of sorts. see if you give somebody lets say $200, and you give it from your HEART, you might not get $200 back from that person, it might come from somebody different, it might not be $200, could be more or less, but it comes back in some form or fashion it might come back but not in money.

we you do things from the heart without your hand out looking for something in return, it will come back to you, it might not come from the person you helped,
it might not even come from a person but it comes back
It's the Law of Rhythm
everything is in motion so with that you have positive and negative energy

if you stay positive some negativity exists because positive and negative can't exist without each other
it is important to stay focused and positive so you can make the ration
something like 90%positive 10%negative
you like to keep the positive high
cause once the negative over it attracts negative, and so my point is stay positive and you will attract positive
i know we went a little deep with the Law of Rhythm but in time you will come to understand. the life we lead keeps us away from universal law , cause we are thought that anything we need is outside of us , money, material, but in actually all you need is within. cause out of all the things you put in hand food is the only one keeping alive



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