Black Spirituality Religion : Sacrifice of Money to God

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    Sacrifice of Money to God

    When boons are granted, the results of good deeds to be enjoyed in future births are drawn back [pre-poned to the present] with reduced value and are given to you as boons. The present results of the bad deeds are postponed to the future births along with increased interest. Therefore you can never escape the result of your bad deed and the boon given to you is always the result of your own good deed (Nadatte Kasyachit). The Lord says that the sacrifice to the Lord should be done in such a way that a feeling of love is generated (Bhutabhavodbhavakarah).

    Love or devotion exists under ignorance and emotion. If you realize that all the wealth belongs to the Lord alone, you will feel that you have just returned the money of the Lord to Him and the Lord will also feel that His own wealth is returned to Him. Neither is there any feeling of real sacrifice in the mind of devotee nor is there a real feeling of love in the heart of the Lord. The Lord also feels the love of the devotee, if the Lord thinks that the devotee really sacrificed his hard-earned fruit. But in such love, egoism may come up, since the devotee can feel proud of his sacrifice. In order to rectify this, the devotee is enlightened with knowledge so that he should know that the entire creation is the wealth of Lord and get rid of his pride. Thus there is an alternate release and withdrawal of knowledge and ignorance so that the devotees do sacrifice with love under ignorance but without any pride owing to knowledge (Mattah Smritih—Gita).
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    There should be nothing withheld from sacrifice for the father and the Son, because the Father gave us One who is most precious in His eyes as sacrifice for our sins, so that we might be salvaged from the fire.

    So, in faith to the Son and the Father for what has been done for us, we should be willing to give our all, and show belief in all His teachings, work, and resurrection because it benefits us wholly. :) We have love, redemption, and life, eternally.