Rwanda : RWANDA: who opened the can of worms?


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Jul 9, 2008
Both Germany (before World War I) and Belgium ruled the area in a colonial capacity. The Germans theorized that the Tutsi were not originally from sub-Saharan Africa at all. They thought that they had migrated from somewhere else.The German colonial government gave special status to the Tutsi, in part because they believed them to possess racial superiority. The Germans considered the Tutsi more 'presentable' compared to the Hutu, whom they viewed as short and homely. As a result, it became colonial policy that only Tutsis could be educated, and only Tutsis could participate in the colonial government. Since the Hutus were in the majority such policies engendered some intense hostility between the groups, who had been peaceful enough with each other before colonization. The situation was exacerbated when the Belgians assumed control following World War I. Recognizing their ignorance of this part of Africa, they sought advice from the Germans, who told them to continue promoting the Tutsis, which they did.

When the Belgians took over the colony in 1916, they felt that the colony would be better governed if they continued to classify the different races in a hierarchical form. Belgian colonists viewed Africans in general were children who needed to be guided, but noted the Tutsi to be the ruling culture in Rwanda-Burundi. In 1959 Belgium reversed its stance and allowed the majority Hutu to assume control of the government through universal elections.

Its almost like white folks have a HEX on some people.

Putney Swope

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Jun 27, 2009
When folks in Africa are tired of being treated like guinea pigs in an experiment

Mannn, this things is terrible.

It's like seeing german nazi-theories just ingrained into Afrikan souls. I'm with a Sister right now who's from Burundi (same problem, just switch the oppressed and the oppressor) and it scares me how the ignorance just is so.... deep. Fearful.


- Ikoro

they wil just, cut the mess

If you and I are drunk at a party,
and we are relatives,
and we fall into a heated arguement,
and a fist fight,

and some stranger puts a gun into my hand,

any one with sense will take the gun and turn it back onto the instigating stranger rather then their own kith and kin.

I am very well aware of the struggles of Kwame Nkhrumah, Steven Biko, Julius Nyere, and Kenneth Kaunda, against European opression, however I am also well aware of the intertribal chauvanism, that these ame liberators had to fight against almost as much as the White opressor.

Until African culture destroys inner ethnic animosities, by Africans themselves, and the caste system that looks down at rather then helps the poor, then there will always be hell, new forms of colonization, mind control, pandemic genocide and the relegation of
natural resource self sufficency in a Pan African continent to a dream or a myth

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