Black Short Stories : Ruth (fore myself)

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    To present beside comprehension walking of wisdom know ledge over boundaries comes the fall before prevail uplift spirituality well above seeing everything frail rail roads checking savings depositing safes plus locks undecipherable hand and hand comrade before the times of unbalanced scales after ward hell captured unable to tale equality measures sure responses pondering every child's freedom wholly together we must seek grace patiently bliss no matter the cost promised heaven over brimstone blocked enclosed structured orderly the steps escalate to the eye out through glass windows as visions prepared to hail returning home judged of the duties you did well doors only open fore family and righteous visitors who truth sailed you have to be pure about unity to excel keeping focus on life's word positive knot like a good spell will be hard fore any foe to tail.

    See my mutha is the fourth judge the warrioress song along the banks who fought well the strong independent women satisfied when all hell has bailed fore heaven's sake Isaiah needs that same prophetess of god who gave love envisioned upon all who does best stay invested in the armor plus weapon the Ephesian equivalent holding truth that my grandmuthas plus my aunties performed as Ruth respected named me perfection numerology reveal my numbers right across my eyes years later inked in my skin full circle i held on renaming myself the same more ancient just as death decays back into its original arrangement the same chit whether off the ships from plymouth to the islands to mexico to up north down south i was born to prevail near violent attempts on my body only lasted seconds in the past came be back harder the rose i'm hard to kill without bragging i will excel like Revelation the Forth Coming ain't hard to tell....