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I'm nervous about the war. It's not hard to see how this could lead to direct involvement by the United States. It's rather unsettling to consider that the egotistical, madman named Putin has access to nuclear missiles. I'm saddened by the loss of life and very concerned about how this conflict will effect me personally. They talking about $5.00 for a gallon of gas and all the other things that will skyrocket in price over the upcoming weeks. We get to witness a form of Hitler in modern times. I'm not thrilled.

And we all should be. It is rather irritating for me to hear some Blacks, for an example this Phillip Scott podcaster from my city Houston, and his listeners which I think would translate to even more sympathizers nationwide. The idea that this is not our fight... Ha. I live very close to this conflict. My colleagues have teams on the ground at border. I have friends there too.

I might date myself here but Putin is on some 'mo'ish. All it would take is Ukraine dressing some peeps up in Russian uniforms and then launching something into Poland if they got tired of waiting on real support from supposed allies. Poland is already at risk because they are taking the brunt of refugees and the main port of entry to Ukraine for resupply of arms etc.. Putin could see this ultimately disrespectful and punish Poland which is NATO. That is all it would take to get real frfr.

About our brothers and sisters trapped at the border. I personally have proposed to some African countries and Pakistan to form a task force to get POC out. I spoke about, for once let all POC come together and show the world we can unite and do whatever it takes to get the people out. Got the gasface... "Most our people are out." "It's really the Ukraines fault." All stupid responses. Other countries knew the assignment and got their people out but not us. That is what I do so I keep trying.

I have been to Ukraine many times, never had any problems. It was odd and cool as a fan to see actual real Afro-Ukrainians. Zhan Vensanovych Beleniuk stand up! Gold medal wrestler and first cocoa politician at 30... Even though he biracial, we have skin in the game for life preservation. We need to pray for peace or be against Putin's actions now.



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