Black Poetry : Russian Roulette: Beating The Odds


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Feb 28, 2009
Death is a liar and a cheat
And he'll do anything
To ensure your defeat

Now, gambling with Death
Is a game of chance already stacked
Forfeiting the wins you've already racked
Like shooting Craps against loaded dice
You're "all in" and your very life..... is the price


Take, for example, Russian Roulette
A cruel contest of shame and regret
Bemoaning what you've done and wished you hadn't
As well as what you hadn't and wished you had
And everytime the chamber clicks
Your heartbeat loses one more tick
So, when Death performs his double-crossing trick
You're left only one last leg with which to kick
And so, you realize
That in order to increase your chances
Before the last bullet, through the barrell, advances
That you've got to change your choices
As the ringing of Death's laughter voices
His utter contempt for your dismissal
And so, you point the gun,
Listening to the last round's eerie whistle......

That richochets through his brain
Because what was your "chance" to die
Became your "choice" to live.
No matter how full the gun,
if it past you by...then you're not the one.
and no matter how many corners you burn
that bullet won't miss you, ...if it's your turn.

So true. So true. And thank you for the read and flowback!

But, Russian Roulette is a game of death with no winners, only losers. My piece is speaking of suicide. And, sadly, it has taken a rise amongst Blacks. This action has been largely attributed to Whites but it happens with many Black youth and adults as well.

The topic of suicide is socially/culturally treated as taboo. Nobody wants to talk about it. We sweep it under the rug like a dirty secret.

But there are some Black people who have "played" with Russian Roulette.

It's a "game" of lost hope
And the fight and will to cope.
I've known my share of people
who have made that choice of suicide.
It's a sad fact that one would choose
a permanent solution to a temporary
situation. Life is ever-changing & evolving
It is about growth and growth sometimes
include pain & tough times.
Unfortunately, for some
they can't see pass tomorrow.

Because what was your "chance" to die
Became your "choice" to live.

Poignant piece, Cherry.

Flow on.



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