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    Hey Destee Fam,

    I had the pleasure recently to attend a business seminar where Russell Simmons was one of the keynote speakers. I was amazed with his entire presentation, and intrigued. He gave autographed copies of his book, which I am reading now, and I must say it is outstanding. The spiritual aspects he mentions in his book as credits to his success are phenomenal. Russell is really dropping jewels in this book, I am very impressed! I would suggest everyone who is looking to succeed in life, not just business, pick up a copy of his book. Don't sleep on this one fam, you will not be disappointed.

    Do You! 12 Laws to ACCESS the Power To Achieve Happiness and Success
    By Russell Simmons with Chris Morrow

    ISBN: 978-1-592-40293-9
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    I am really disgusted and disapointed with Mr. Simmons money fiending , sold out ways. I give him his props for his business sense. But this man has endorsed and campaigned for a white woman named mrs. clinton against Barak Obama.

    He also came out and helped with the proverbial lynching of Mike Vic.

    So all those blacks who died for our right to vote, MLK getting blasted ,malcom X getting assasinated. Was all for nothing????

    The one time we actually have the chance to take this thing over by putting an African in the whitey house,and this political prostitute tells blacks to vote for a caucsian woman,a descendant of slave owners?