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    I enjoyed the programme - but unfortunately couldnt get into the chat section - and arrived about 5 minutes too late so missed the intro.

    You were speaking about Blackwater - I dont know what that is. I googled it, and am reading about the security network Blackwater - is this the same group you were referring to? If not, please post a link to them. If yes, then hmmm.. I'm not reading much positive about them.

    I was pleased to find that half of the movies you mentioned I do have in my "library" - Rabbit Proof Fence and City of God being amongst my favourites - but less pleased to know I have them simply because I enjoyed them so much - without really hearing/seeing/understanding the deeper messages. Is that my subconcious at work, or what? :D I'm due a movie night soon so will watch them again with a new 'eye'.

    I did want to comment about the AWB (Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging) which literally translates into African Resistance Movement. For Nazi whites. I havent heard that term in years.. what a farce. But you know? I often compare - perhaps incorrectly - the desire for the whites to remain in Africa.. with the same desire for the Blacks to remain in the USA.

    Oh yeah - my blood rose a few degrees when you mentioned the word "kaffir".. as it doesnt quite equate with the N word.. you wont find anyone making that word a norm.. romanticizing it - making it acceptable amongst blacks. It cuts deep. Yet, on the other side of the coin.. talk about influence of the west.. blacks are happy to call each other N's there. It has no deep meaning and according to MTV its a normal word. amazingly.. odd.

    again - thanks :heart: