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    By Andre Austin

    When I attended Michigan State University I had the privilege of see Fraternities pledge new recruits. There is a certain period of time they allow new initiates they call Rush. I believe this Rush initiation is connected to the Egyptian religion.

    In Egypt everybody wanted to get into the “Field of Rushes” or Egyptian heaven. At every stage of a souls quest for the Rushes he/she had to know passwords, secret names and the exact spells/prayers. I’m aware that fraternities require their members to learn and memorize information as a requirement to join their club.

    I recall reading in the bible that leaves from the tree of life were a healing for those in heaven. I went to the dictionary and discovered that Rush is a plant that has leaves. The Egyptians symbol of God’s Tongue was a leaf. Ptah was considered to be the Heart (symbol of conscience, conceiving mind, will, etc.), and the Tongue (symbol of creative intellectual utterance).
    At the ancient library @ Alexandria it stated that knowledge was a remedy or healing for the soul. The bible symbolize healing by the feather of wings and leaves. In Egypt a feather was symbolic of truth. Therefore, if you had the words of god which is truth it would cure your soul in heaven.

    In order to get to heaven was like a three step process: The way, The Truth, The life.

    The Egyptian Underworld was a Rest stop called the way. Your heart was judge either true of false. If it was double truth of Amen Amen or Amen-RA your soul was awarded a star combined with “waters of fire” for eternal life.

    The Egyptian religion fits neatly in with the Christianity because it’s fundamentally one and the same. It took me a couple of years of buying books and re reading information to figure it all out. I wasn’t in a rush to figure it all out. I took my time to allow my thinking skills to ferment like wine to get stronger.

    Let it be known that Osiris was originally thought of as a water god. Plutarch wrote about Rush in his Isis and Osiris. Plutarch said: “. Not only the Nile, but every form of moisture they call simply the effusion of Osiris; and in their holy rites the water jar in honor of the god heads the procession. And by the picture of a rush they represent a King and the southern region of the world, and the rush (Rush sounds like a fraternity thing) is interpreted to mean the watering and fructifying of all things, and in its nature it seems to bear some resemblance to the generative member. Moreover, when they celebrate the festival of the Pamylia, which, as has been said, is of a phallic nature, they expose and carry about a statue of which the male member is Triple. ; For the god is the source, and every source, by its fecundity, multiplies what proceeds from it; and for “many times” we have a habit of saying “Thrice”, as, for example “Thrice hapy”, and

    Bond, even thrice as many, unnumbered, -Odyssey 8:340

    Unless, indeed, the word “Triple” is used by the early writers in its strict meaning; for the nature of moisture, being the source and origin of all things, created out of itself three primal material substances Earth, Air and Fire.”

    I believe that Plutarch is implying that Osiris could mean Rush. After all the Field of Rushes could not be obtained if Osiris, king of the Underworld and judge of the dead didn’t allow you in. Also college faternities do have rituals of running around naked.


    I went to Random house thesaurus and learned that leap is another word for Rush. I wonder if the Egyptian Frogs are connected to Rush also. According to Martin Bernal, “ In the Egyptian pantheon there is a goddess Hkt who is a frog old woman associated with Hk3 ‘magic’ and rebirth after death”p79. In Egyptian mythology frogs grew and rose from the celestrial waters. The frog also offered himself as a willing sacrifice and was transformed by magical incantations into the new moon

    Livy reports: “The old Arcadian practice of holding an annual festival in honour of Lycean Pan (Inuus), in which young men ran about naked and disported themselves in various pranks and fooleries”. See The early history of Rome . Pan is an Egyptian God and or an Egyptian water name for pool or mystical Red Sea. There might be a connection with Rush and naked ceremonies with Pan and Naked ceremonies. I know the ceremonies of Pan to be connected with Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome) who were supposed to be drowned in a river. Osiris was threw in a river too after he was killed.

    How could Plutarch state that Rush was water? Well the Egyptians had several words for water. Rush may have been a combination of two or more words for water. For example RU meant a drop of water and She or Sha mean a pool. Combine them together and you have Rushe or Rusha.