Black Spirituality Religion : Running to the past to cope with future

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    Coming from a Christian background I often wondered what would happen if I found out that I was dying today. What type of mental process I would go through? Would I run to the past to avoid a future that is riddled with scriptural damnation though the eternal burning of my soul? How many of us truly believe that there is a different way then the fear of permanent pain? Many of us in the Metaphysical world come from that form of thinking and it still stains our presence with a fear that is often times overlooked and under addressed.

    I remember being in church wondering if I had forgotten to pray earlier that day because I was scared that if the Lord came back right then would I be ‘saved’. I lived a world of fear that many if not all in the Christian/Islamic/Judaic world live in the present. How many of us would run back to the past in an attempt to avoid a bleak scriptural future? How many of us have truly moved on? Do we post, write and converse with each other in an attempt to feed on each other as a whole to combat a single fear? If this be the case then how many of us would survive if all was gone and there was only you?

    Our greatest enemy is our present past, a time that spans only this birth and our present self worth. In the bible I read about the predestination clause which made me ask, “if god created my soul and I’m predestined then I could be damned if I do or if I don’t which means I am predestined to do good or either bad. In other words I am judged before a judgment can be made based on my so-called free will because the story has already been written. Free will is no longer free if paying for it is involved in the equation. How then can a ordered shirt be free if I have to pay the taxes, shipping and handling for it”?

    If all holy documents speak of good then it can only be defined by what is evil and thus good cannot exist without evil. This means that god had to create evil in order to justify what is claimed as good which means there have to be evil doers in order to justify so-called good doers. Which role do I play in this plan and why go through the troubles when you can just create those that you want without the hassle of condemning those who could not control what they do; based on the predestination factor? Can I pray enough to offset a condemnation that may have been predestined before I was out of my mother’s womb?

    Which way do we go given the fact that many of us without having to truly account for our answer in an open forum, would run as fast as we can back to that which we fear; subconsciously? I grew up in Christianity which many consider insanity which leads me to ask, am I one of those who were meant to be a Christian who Muslims consider to be evil? What about the Muslim who were born as such but are condemned as evil by the Judaic peoples? What about the Jewish belief which doesn’t believe in Jesus and Christian condemn?

    If I found out today that I was going to die would I run back to the past in order to save my future based on scriptural theology? I set this question up for those who have journeyed out of the religious world to that of the Metaphysical, liberal and conscious/subconscious form of believing.