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    Running For Your Life

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    You know it is sad when a people who have been treated like less than what Life had intended for you, to act as if there is nothing wrong with the way you have been treated in life and to act as if Life suffering is a natural progression over the course of living.

    Eventually, you just come to accept a role that has not been meant to be, by life, but you now live a life assigned to you by people that have assigned to themselves the power to define life meaning and purpose for a specific ethnic people in the world.

    You the thnic group, now referred to as Black People, a people who have been designated to be the world fools.

    Fools because with the mind belief Black people have been conditioned with, Black people can not imagine that a world that has not been so kind to you, would plan a systematic method of getting rid of your Black behind and do so, for the bad of it, meaning the taking of your life to live no more.

    Talk Life purging by the action of genocide to Black People and they will look at you as if you are the fool, Black people act as if there is in no way the people in power and authority now, can or will systematically eliminate our Black behind, not to mention the work already in progress in Afrika, seeing how all of our sisters and brothers are dying every day like animals taken to the slaughter and we allow someone have such control to cause death to our people, to be natural?

    Nature has its way on maintaining its equilibrium and it is not vicious and serial, but with an act of dignity and the way that Black people in Afrika is dying today , anybody that understand the action of Nature can see that there is nothing natural that is Killing Black people in Afrika today.

    Yet, Black people in the face of death, caused by a scheming killer of Black People, just sit around allowing the very same people with a history of being the serial killer of Black people, continue their plan of population control, starting with Black people in Afrika and then and now, is beginning their action to take effect abroad.

    What Black people do not understand, is that we are dealing with a sentiment coming from a segment of people in authority that worship killing certain class of people, they actually have assume the role of what they conceived to be the Devil, Satan, Lucifer of the World, and over the World.

    So they pick and choose who is to die and who is to live and topping the list is Black People, observe the death rate among Black Afrikans in Afrika, else where in the world, and stop being a fool for your oppressors.

    Black people are the only people I know of that have fallen in love with their oppressors, we refuse to believe that those same oppressors will lie and mislead Black people into believing that they really do love us and now see us as their equal in having the right to live with the same opportunities that the oppressors have in the oppressors society.

    You can not get Black people to get to know that there are people in the world that truly despise our Blackness and is planning your demise, which will prevent forever, Black people from ever rising back into their Divine state of being on this planet.

    Hell, you can't get Black People to know that we were once a Divine people, living a Divine life, we rather believe what the oppressors have taught us about our Blackness and ourselves, such a behavior is that of a slave mentality and a slave is liken to an animal, capable of being trained to obey its master and will go to the death for the master.

    It is Time for Black people to Run, Run as fast as you can, away from the place where you are the weakest in a society that you have to depend upon to have your life worth living.

    Black people are totally incapable of choosing their own God, no I am not talking about some Afrikan souped up God made to imitate the oppressors God of Religion, I am talking about a God that transcend all of the present day religious made up Gods, a God that is without vengeance and is not vain in an act self righteousness.

    I am speaking of a God that is the representation of Eternal infinity, without the need to be Humanized or personified, such a God is to whom Black People need to Run to and Hurry in getting to know, which require no belief in Its Divine Presence, It being in the garment of Divine Truth and Reality.

    A people who once was in direct communication with Motion and Time, now is not qualified how to read the action of Time, so when I share with you, that the Time is Right for Black People to Demand their Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and that your life is depended upon how you deal with your life in this Time of your life revolvement.

    Do you rather continue to wear the dunce cap of a fool, believing that your life is safe in its present state of condition and if so, what a foolish people we have become.

    I share with you what I know and in return you believe that your ignorance can have an effect upon me, and it does, but not in the way you rather it to have, it has an effect upon me, because I can See you when you can not See yourselves and what I experience is deep sorrow, sadness and bewilderment, because I see people who once were Divine and now have been made to be blind to the knowledge of themselves.

    All the Time Black Afrikans People are being murdered by the very hand that Black Folks are falling down on their knees to kiss the ring of the Kind of Religion, and has been made to follow the angles of Death without question, that angle being those with a history of killing and terrorizing Black Afrikan People.

    Beloved, Reparation is a weapon, it is a protective shield, but if you do not know who you Black People are, then in no way are you qualified to know and understand the true Divine potential of Reparation.

    When you seek Reparation, you are not to concentrate on the Devil himself, to do that, is self defeating, when you do that, you empower your oppressors, they who are responsible for paying to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation.

    You take no thought about how the forces are dealing with your enemy, that is because those forces are sending a message to you, telling you that it is Time to Run, Run as fast as you can Back to Afrika with your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, never mind how Reparation will be paid, you just do what you need to do to demand that Divine Justice to be shown to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Beloved, you will not understand what I have just shared with you, which is a very small sharing of that which I have to share with you, but it must be in an atmosphere of wilfully reception.

    Run Black People, because your Life depend upon you Running, and you must know which is the right direction to Run.

    Your fortress, your Safe House, is within the confine of Black Afrikan Unity in Afrika and if you are not under the guidance of your Divine Mind, then your reaction will continue to be that of the Slave you have become, Beloved.

    In these days and Time, Nothing, absolutely nothing supersede your need to become active in demanding your Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, that is the only weapon we have that is capable of securing our Safety in the World today.

    Only clothed in your Divine Mind and crowned in your Divine Spirituality will give you the Mental ability to See and Know what I have shared with you today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]