Black People Politics : Rulers have stopped flashing wealth

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    Centuries ago, the ruling class were the only ones that used to flash wealth. Only kings/queens displayed jewelry, fancy clothes, wastefulness etc. The lower classes lived austerely, saving, scrapping, never showing any wealth.
    Today, can you find a president, king, queen, or diplomat that dresses in eyecatching manner? Prince Harry wears navy blue suits with white shirts...that is the uniform of today's wealth.
    The jewelry marketed to wealth people intentionally looks understated, think Patek Phillipe watches etc.
    The true rich avoid standing out. they have gone into austere mode, in presentation. Meanwhile, the poorest among us today are the first to flash faus wealth on FB and instagram.

    What happened? Rise of industrial revolution and capitalism proved you did not need to be born to wealth to create wealth. French revolution proved the people would not tolerate exploitation past a certain point. The investor class started to channel all profits back into additional investments. Humility came from the market having the final word on winners and losers. Dress has always seperated the haves from the have nots. Now, does dress predict the future winners from the future losers?