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May 16, 2013
EnlightenMePlease, I'm sorry you feel attacked. If you're referring to the thread "you know you're old when"....I think you took a light hearted comment too personal. It's not a serious thread.

I hope you stay here and learn. While continuing to add your comments and opinions. But, you MUST develop a thicker skin, or you wont last.
Welcome and be blessed.

I've honestly dealt with worse, I just want to be rid of all things negative and I thought this was it, but there are devils everywhere, I see.


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Feb 26, 2013
I didn't like the fact that I was attacked for my age today. It does feel like this site is for much older individuals, but you have a teen forum and you were speaking about how you wish teens and younger people would join.

I came to this site hoping to find a less to non-existent hostile environment towards younger members who wish to be a part of this site. I haven't been on here a week and I already feel like people will pounce on me because I have a different sense of humor or way of thinking or because I am young.

I am here to learn from the other members because, no, I don't know everything and no one of any age knows everything, but I do appreciate those who know more about things that I don't and share their knowledge. I listen eagerly and willingly.

I'm not an argumentative person and I don't want to argue with anyone on the Internet when it's of ill intent because it makes people look like idiots.

I came from a forum where people were nasty for no reason and I got tired of that.

This forum is something I appreciate already and I hope to become a member who can divulge some wisdom one day myself.
Hey, welcome! I know we've talked already, but I didn't know you were around my age(which is 22). lol

I wouldn't say this site is for much older individuals, because like you said, it's been spoken on how younger members are welcomed. I've felt very welcomed. :)

I believe younger members just don't find time for it as much as the older members, and so it just looks like the site is sorta age oriented. However, you're welcomed also, regardless of age! So, again, welcome, welcome! Since I didn't give ya a proper welcoming. lol

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